Tea Time Part 1

“Yaaay, tea time! Tea time!” Jessie exclaimed in his high pitched voice. The boy wore a pale blue sweatshirt, much too large for his small stature, his sleeves extending well past his hands and the bottom of his shirt reached all the way to his knees. He danced around the warm garden filled with bright, yellow flowers whose sweet smells induced drowsiness.
Marlene giggled, her assortment of bells chiming in agreement. The young girl wore far too many ribbons and small bells on her fancy, violet dress. “Jessie, come over here!” Marlene said. The little boy wandered through the pool of yellow flowers to Marlene, who sat at a short, marble table, whose white surface felt cold and smooth to the touch.
Marlene fastened a light blue ribbon into Jessie’s copious, dark brown hair. “There, you look so pretty.”
Jessie grinned, revealing his small, perfect white teeth. “Thanks Marlene!” He exclaimed, his voice ringing with happiness.
“I”m glad you like it,” Marlene said. “Now be a dear and pour us some tea. Vallerie’s not the patient type.” Marlene glanced at Vallerie, a small girl wearing a fluffy, dark red and black dress. Vallerie’s bored face rested in her small, delicate hand, and her shiny, blonde hair reached all the way to the ground.
Marlene fidgeted, and spoke to Vallerie. “Thanks Vallerie…for inviting me and Jessie here…”
Vallerie glared at Marlene with her icy, blue eyes.
Marlene gathered up her courage, and continued. “Though it’s surprising Vallerie. I thought you were too busy being an adult to play with me and Jessie.” Marlene grinned mischievously, and waited for a response from the pale girl.
The sound of Chinaware clinked as Jessie fumbled with three teacups embroidered with a blue, flower pattern. Jessie picked up a teapot with the same flower pattern with both of his small hands.

All right, I’m done for now, I’ll continue this tomorrow.


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