Tea Time Part 2

I changed Vallerie’s name to Viollette.

The sound of Chinaware clinked as Jessie fumbled with three teacups embroidered with a blue, flower pattern. Jessie picked up a teapot with the same flower pattern with both of his small hands, and poured a dark, black liquid into the tea cups.
Finally, Viollette spoke in a soft voice. “I invited you two not out of the kindness of my heart, nor out of friendship. I’m merely bored, and as a lady, I figured I ought to show politeness towards the people of this village.”
“Teehee, oh Violet~” Marlene teased. “Politeness? All the other villagers are just too scared of your cute face.”
Viollette’s lips quivered, and she replied, “As they should be…”
Marlene picked up her tea cup, which now felt warm from the hot liquid. The dark tea swirled in the expensive cup, and gradually lightened into a brownish red as the tea cooled down. “Is this one of your concoctions, Vivi?” The now translucent, dark red tea smelled refreshing like grass after heavy rain.
Viollette picked up her cup with her thumb and index finger, and took a quiet sip. She half closed her blue eyes, still staring at Marlene, and said, “I assure you, it’s not poisoned.”
Marlene giggled, her bells chiming in as well. “No of course not Viola. If you wanted us dead, you could have killed us twenty times over in the past few minutes.”
“I couldn’t do that,” Viollete said, the bored expression still on her face. “I don’t have the power to ressurect your corpse to kill you again.”
Marlene laughed, and took a sip of the hot tea. Its refreshing and slightly sweet flavor calmed the mind.
Jessie eagerly drank his tea as well, tilting the China cup into his mouth. “Viollette, it’s great! You always make the best tea,” Jessie exclaimed. He beamed at Viollette, who regarded his compliments with a subtle nod.
“But Viollette, I’m sure you want that power don’t you?” Marlene continued. She leaned forward with a devilish look in her dark eyes, and laughed. “Isn’t that what you’re seeking? The power to revive the dead?” Viollette narrowed her eyes, a threatening expression on her face.
“Oh, stop it Marlene!” Jessie laughed, and hugged Marlene. “You’re being wicked to Viollette again!”
“I suppose so,” Marlene said. She stroked Jessie’s soft hair. “You’re so girly Jessie!” Marlene teased.
“Am not!” Jessie whined, the light blue ribbon still in his hair.
A tall, dark haired woman wearing a maid’s outfit approached Viollette. “Madame, you have a visitor. It is Alfred; he claims it is urgent.”
Viollette scowled. “That unruly werewolf? Bah, fine show him in.”
Jessie turned his smooth, white face away from Marlene’s embrace towards Viollette. “Ooooh, do you have another guest? He can join our tea party!”
“No no. Just an unwanted beast,” Viollette scoffed.
Marlene smiled her mischievous smile, and said, “Oh? Aren’t you an ‘unwanted beast’ too, ‘Madame’ Viollette?”


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