Murder Mystery! Alternate Dimension 2

“This was entirely your fault.”
“What. No this wasn’t,” Jared said. The dead body lay on the ground covered in blood. Jared poked the dead body. “Maybe he’s still alive…”
Murderer shook his head. “There’s no way he’s still alive. This was all your fault Jared.”
“Not it wasn’t!” Jared complained. “I didn’t do anything. You’re the one named ‘Murderer.'”
“Jumping to conclusions now are we? Just because my name is murderer…”
“Hey, why did your parents name you ‘Murderer?’ Not only is it a bad name, isn’t it also inconvenient in almost every way?”
“Whoa there, I happen to be quite fond of my name, thank you very much,” Murderer said. He wandered over to the dead body, and turned it over, revealing a a small knife sticking out of the body. Silver letters embedded into the knife’s handle spelled out “Jared.”
“Hey! Jared, this is your knife!” Murderer shouted.
“What?!” Jared exclaimed. “I’ve been framed!”
“I didn’t do anything!” Framer cried out in despair.

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