Am I Dreaming?

This all feels so unreal. I look at my hand. Six fingers. Am I dreaming? I wander through the dark halls of my home. I somehow managed to make my way to my bed without tripping, despite my room being pitch black and scattered with books, ropes, giant one foot die, bubble wrap swords, and an overgrowth of vines. I lay down on my bed, which felt incredibly warm because a nearby toaster radiated heat. I put my head down on the pillow. It was so soft, and I instantly drifted away…
You wake up. Everything seems normal. Your alarm clock was ringing. It had an annoying ring; it sang out a song that you just can’t remember. You yawn as you shut off your ringing alarm monkey. You got out of bed, fully clothed and headed towards the window. You opened the window, and a fresh breeze rolled in. You stepped out of the window, onto a cloud. It feels cold and wet, and also so real. You walked to school, but when you arrived, no one was there because today was Saturday. You start heading back, but you forgot something.
Ted yawned. It had been a hard day of work at the factory. The factory was a large, pyramid shaped building. Its completely black, cool surface was polished to a fancy shine. There seemed to be no windows. Ted stared at the building, trying to remember what he accomplished there today. Then he tried to remember what he did there at all. Something important, no doubt. Ted walked through the completely empty parking lot to his small, rusted car. He got inside and drove the car for a bit. The controls were unresponsive though, so he just set the car to autopilot and sat back. He yawned, feeling bored. Ted got out of his seat to the back of the car and dove into a pool. The water felt muffling and wet, but lacked any temperature. Ted swam to the bottom, forgetting his need to breathe. He found his way to an underwater cavern. A dragon roared from inside, and bones and food particles flew out, along with Ted’s bed. It had been a hard day of work at the factory. Ted went to bed.
My toaster buzzed, and I woke up with a jolt. Feeling exceptionally groggy, I rubbed my eyes with my hands. I stared at my hands. I had six fingers. Am I drea-
Oh wait. I do have six fingers, nevermind. I guess I am awake. I should probably clean out the vines in my room. My toaster buzzed again, and my toaster shot two pieces of toast into the air. I somersaulted out of bad, put on my clothes, caught the toast in my teeth, and landed upside down balanced on my left hand. Man, am I glad I put my toaster next to my bed.


Feel free to reply. But I won't read cuz I'm shy. Unless it's haiku.

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