I Found Some Treasure Today!

So I was walking to math class (Oh god, I failed the BC test) right? And I saw blue stone sparkling on the ground. The shiny and tiny stone called out to me, begging me to pick it up. I entered a heated debate with it, considering the ethics of picking up a stranger to me, even if it was just a talking stone.
Actually, it begged metaphorically. In my mind. I just begrudgingly picked up the stone, and pretended to debate with it. Doesn’t matter. So I examined the stone carefully, and I noticed that –
I dropped the stone, and it made a little clink noise as it hit the concrete ground. What was that? I stared at the small, shiny stone. It stared back at me, and seemed to be gloating or mocking, and daring me to pick it up again.
Metaphorically of course.
I stepped on the stone, but y’know, it didn’t really do anything. Despite common sense dictating not to, I picked the stone up again. A wave of nausea swept through my head, but I clenched onto that stone, and crushed it with my bear hands. Metaphorically of course; my hands were bare, not bear.
Actually, not so metaphorically. Blue, sparkling dust rested in my hand, quite literally crushed. I brought my hand closer to my face, and closely examined the dust. Sparkling, saphire, quite pretty actually. I laughed, having exacted my revenge against the stone. Then I sneezed.
Metaphorically of course.


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