Lost in a Maze

Little Petey scurried along on his four, stubby legs. Bonk, he ran into a wall. Petey examined the wall with his red, beady eyes. The brown wall looked smooth, but not entirely smooth, kind of like paper smooth. Not this way.
Petey sniffed around, and picked up the scent of salted peanuts from a freshly opened bag. Left. He would go left.
Bonk, another wall. Similar to the last, but not the same wall. Sniff, bonk, wall. Sniff, bonk, wall.

“I think he’s lost,” scientist A said. In his left hand, he held a clipboard with figures and sheets, and in his right hand he scribbled furiously with a black pen.
“What mouse was this one? He received the drugs from the new batch didn’t he?” scientist B said. He adjusted his glasses and peeked at his peer’s clipboard.
“What’s up guys?” scientist Timanthorexington said. “I’m cool because I have a name, even if I only have one other line of dialogue other than this random introductory sentence.”

Petey ran through the maze. Sniff, bonk, wall. Sniff, bonk, …wall? This wall felt different from the others. Petey nudged it, and the wall bent inwards slightly. Petey gave the wall a stronger nudge, and the wall fell.

“Nono,” scientist B scolded, pointing at scientist A’s clipboard. “That’s not right.”
“I know what I’m doing!” Scientist A snatched his notes away. “I already made sure I have the right amount of sig figs. And last I checked, 2+5 is most definitely 7, nitwit.”
“Uh…guys?” Timanthorexington asked. “I think our little mouse buddy got away.”
“What?!” scientist B shouted. He ran over to the maze, and adjusted his glasses again. Sure enough, the maze was missing a wall, and the mouse could not be found.
“Blast it! This is all your fault!” scientist B accused scientist A.

Petey scurried along, this time the floor felt cold and hard. And unwelcoming. Bonk, Petey ran into a wall. The white, hard wall loomed high into the sky, and extended in both directions further than Petey could see. Petey sniffed, but only the stinging smell of isopropyl alcohol reached him. For the first time, Petey paniced. He was lost.

Scientist A walked through long corridors, his shoes making clack, clack sounds against the tiled floors. He held a wire cage in his arms.
Scientist B followed behind, whispering, “This is all your fault!” Scientist B stopped, and adjusted his glasses. Then he adjusted them again. “I think we found our mouse.” Petey ran in front of them, in vicious circles.
“Gotcha!” scientist A shouted, banging the cage down on Petey, and locked the doors.

Petey scurried along, and ran into a wall. Brown and smooth. He sniffed, and smelled the comfortable scent of peanuts. He was home.


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