1. In a circular flow diagram, which of the following is true in the product market?
A) Households sell goods and services to business firms.
B) Households sell resources to business firms.
C) Business firms sell resources to households.
D) Business firms sell good and services to households.
E) Households buy resources from business firms.

2. Did you get the previous question correct?
A) Yes
B) No
C) The previous question was rigged; there were no correct answers.
D) This question is rigged; there are no correct answers.

3. Did you write your name on the test?
A) Yes
B) Yes
C) Yes
D) Yes

4. Hello ______(Your Name). How are you?
A) Fine, how are you?
B) Why do you ask?
C) Terrible.
D) I see colooouuuurs.
E) Other ___________________(If Other, Please Detail Here)

5. Do you know why you’re here?
A) No
B) Yes
C) I’m afraid to answer.
D) I won’t talk!

6. Do you know where you are?
A) It’s too dark to see.
B) The basement of my house.
C) I’m blindfolded!
D) It sounds like there’s water nearby.
E) Heaven.

7. How would you feel if we told you your previous answer was wrong?
A) Surprised
B) Expected
C) Sad
D) What?! There’s no way I can be wrong!
E) I know what you’re up to!

8. Aren’t you lonely? We wouldn’t mind if you invited friends over.
A) I don’t have any friends.
B) Where is Abad?
C) Where is Rachel?
D) I won’t let you get to my friends.
E) I have you to keep my company.

9. What is the volume of y = ln(x^2) rotated around x = 3, from x = 1 to 5?
A) 4pi
B) e^2
C) 5^(1/2)
D) These are all wrong.

10. How far back can you remember?
A) 10 years
B) 20 years
C) 20 years
D) 30 years
E) 40 years

11. You remember what happened then, don’t you?
A) Of course I remember!
B) I have no clue what you’re talking about.
C) Oh god, you’re…
D) Why, what happened?
E) That restaurant was great.

12. We need to know the truth. Where is Cade?
A) Yeah, where is he? He owes me money.
B) I don’t know.
C) I won’t tell you.
D) He’s at school.

13. He’s dead.
A) What?! He’s dead?!
B) This isn’t a question.
C) No he’s not.
D) I remember now…

14. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
A) Strawberry.
B) Chocolate.
C) Vanilla.
D) Caramel.
E) Mint.

15. That was Rachel’s favorite ice cream too. When did you last see her?
A) Just yesterday.
B) Who is Rachel?
C) Ten years ago.
D) Two weeks in the future.
E) She didn’t eat ice cream.

16. We see you’re struggling. With both the questions and your binds. How does that feel?
A) Uncomfortable
B) I’m not struggling.
C) Are these ropes?
D) Are these…chains?
E) Are these…super glue?

17. Is “I like” a complete sentence?
A) Yes, it has a subject and verb.
B) No, it doesn’t contain a complete thought.
C) Wait, why am I bound?
D) None of the above.

18. What happened to Smeagle at the end of The Lord of the Rings?
A) He died
B) He got the ring
C) He wasn’t in the end.
D) He ran away.
E) All of the above.

19. What happened to Cade at the end of his life?
A) He died.
B) He got…
C) He drowned her.
D) He was drowned.
E) I drowned him.

20. Thank you, we have learned a lot. Please pass the test forward.
A) I can’t, I’m tied.
B) Is this a camera?
C) Who are you?
D) x = 4dy/dt

Answer Key:
1) D 2) E 3) A 4) D 5) C 6) A 7)D 8)E 9) T 10) O 11) B 12) E 13) C 14) O 15) N 16) T 17) I 18) N 19) U 20) E 21) D


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