The Crystal Tree

“This is a timeline of crabs you’ve killed. The further you walk down, the older it gets.”
I walked down the path sloped downhill slightly. Giant crab legs sprouted out of the sides of the road. I walked down further, and the road gradually turned steeper, until I found myself climbing down the side of a cliff. The crab legs here were older and smaller. I occasionally saw the dead body of a sea horse a puffer fish. The Sea King’s army. At the bottom of the cliff, the ocean waves crashed into the cliff, making peaceful sounds like that of a beach. Except probably more violent. Like, krr-aaaaash. Krr-aaaash. As opposed to Ssss-plaaa. Shh.
The cold water splashed onto my face, and all the droplets felt like a fine mist. A pale pine tree stood in the middle of all the splashing waves. I’m not sure if the tree floated on water, or if the tree trunk extended all the way to the bottom. I never bothered checking before. Each pine leaf glittered white, almost like a crystal. The tree trunk retained its natural brown color, and seemed to grow taller every time I saw the tree. At the top of the tree, the spiny leaves clustered and formed a diamond. I don’t know why the Sea King wants the tree, but I knew the island would crumble without this crystal tree.
A seagull cried out behind me. It flapped its wings and cried at me. Suddenly, it took flight and zoomed towards the white tree. Great, now the Sky King wants the tree to. I punched the seagull down. Because I can. Soon, the Sky King will probably be sending those stupid vultures or eagle or albatross…


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