Am I Missing Something?

So today, I was talking to my friend and he claimed to know the meaning of life. I laughed and said, “No you don’t know the meaning of life! That’s a cliche question, there’s no real answer!”

Then, THWAK he slapped across the face. “Just because you don’t see the truth doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!”

Am I missing something? Was it something obvious I missed? I thought to myself but couldn’t come up with an answer. My friend decided to help me, and gave me this crossword puzzle to solve.

If you can figure this out, all will become clear.
The truth!

Solve this crossword and discover the meaning of life! Get to it. Worth 20 Picarats.


1. I

2. _____ high, sold low :(

3. The

7. Opposite of subtraction.


4. I like mine scrambled.

5. But

6. I don’t remember what this clue was.

8. Too bad I’m lactose intolerant.


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