Movie Script


The sun’s last red rays reflect off the metal plating of a house. The area is barren and empty save for that one house. There are no windows, only a giant slab of metal for a door. A SPEAKER is next to the door.

VICTOR (20s) wears a helmet, an army uniform, and a gun at his side. He walks towards the door.


I didn’t find any survivors today. I’ll search more tomorrow. It’s getting late, let me in.


A great number of LOCKS are on inside of the door. A MONITOR nearby is the only light source, showing Victor near the door. Underneath the monitor lays a SHOTGUN.

MICHAEL (50s) stares at the monitor with a stern look, and adjusts his headset.


You know I can’t let anyone in past curfew.



What? C’mon man let me in. The sun’s going down soon, that’s when they come out!


You can handle them. I can’t open the door one moment and jeopardize the safety of the survivors hiding inside.


Whoah whoah whoah. You can’t be serious! Let me in!

Victor pounds on the door with both hands, making hollow BANGS.


The monitors shows Victor hammering on the door.


I’m sorry man! It won’t happen again, I swear! Let me in!


I’m sorry as well. You’ll have to get by on your own.


Victor pounds on the door harder than before.


Gaaah! Let me in let me in!

The sun goes down, and casts the area into darkness. Victor stops, kneels down to the ground, and cries.


Michael stares at the door and sighs. Victor’s SOBS can be heard through the door. Michael turns around and takes only a few steps, when a loud BANG shatters through the house, and the metal door rumbles.


What the hell?!

Michael scrambles to the monitor. The monitor shows Victor pulling on the door, his mouth frothing and his eyes bloodshot. The door CREAKS.


Jesus Christ, he must have been infected!

Several of the locks break, and the door opens slightly. Victor’s hand pokes through. Michael slams the door shut, and smashes Victor’s hand. Victor screams, and pulls harder. More locks break.


Let me in Michael!

Michael shakily picks up the shotgun. The last lock breaks and Victor stands in the now open doorway. A GUNSHOT rings out. Victor’s right arm flies off in shreds.


Aaaahhhhhh! Michael what are you doing?!

Victor stumbles against the wall, caressing his bleeding arm stump.

Sweating, Michael takes aim. He pulls the trigger, and another GUNSHOT sounds. Victor collapses in a pool of blood. Michael walks over to Victor’s body. Michael looks at the door.


Goddam it, now it’s night and I have a loose door.


Michael slides the door open and close repeatedly.


A door isn’t a door if it’s ajar.



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