Rain Dance

“Ice cream cake! Ice cream cake!” the children chanted. A giant ice cream cake plummeted from the sky, landing in the circle of children. The cheers of happy children roared through the sky. It was time for a feast.

An elderly man ran out of nearby tent, screaming, “You rascals! How many times must I tell you kids not to abuse the rain dance for food items!”

The children gleefully dispersed as the old man chased them away.  Their cheerful screaming slowly disappeared as the children returned to their huts made of straw and titanium.

The old man sighed a stared at the half eaten ice cream cake on the ground.
“I can’t sweets! How will I get rid of this?!”

Suddenly, sugar cookies began raining. Off in the distance, the children were dancing again near the edge of the forest where the OCD people lived.

“I’m getting too old for this,” the old man told himself. Quietly, he performed the drop-cages-on kids dance.


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