Why Is It So Cold?

It’s the damn ice faeries I tell you! They’re up to no good again, grumble grumble.

For some reason I feel very lazy today. I wanted to draw a snowflake, but I just made some weird circle on MSpaint instead.

It looks...almost...not ugly?
Hideous, I know

While I’m on the topic of snowflakes, I made these on some site before too. I forget what site it was though. It was pretty cool, during Christmas.

I take no credit for making those snowflakes. I was just messing around on their site.


In other news, I moved my flash animations into the picture archive. Because quite honestly, I will very rarely make flash animations anymore. And it’s technically a moving picture, right? What’s interesting is that I only have a 15second piece of junk in the music archive but I’m still keeping that. I’m also keeping the original flash animation page, but now it’s labeled ???, bwahaha so mysterious.


Feel free to reply. But I won't read cuz I'm shy. Unless it's haiku.

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