Crow’s Journey

Rooster crowed indignantly. “My eggs! Where have my eggs gone off to!”

“You don’t have any eggs, you’re a rooster!” Crow…roosted?

They had this conversation every morning it seems like. And Crow was getting fed up with it. So Crow decided to move elsewhere.

Crow flipped through a pamphlet, looking for the most wonderful place to live. “Aha!” Crow shouted, pointing with its wing. “This place looks fabulous! Atlantis!”

Crow flapped his wings, and took off into the fly. Ah, what a marvel, the magic of flight! Crow, with his majestic, beating wings soared through the sky. Moist clouds zoomed past Crow, and the magnificent sun hung bright above him. It felt so great to fly. Crow took a turn toward the Atlantic Ocean, and dived into the sea at like five times the speed of sound and opened up a whirlpool so strong that it tore through to the gates of Hell.

“Oops,” Crow said. He peered down into the giant crack in the ocean. Lava, flames, and hatred spewed out. “That is not what I meant to do at all.”


Feel free to reply. But I won't read cuz I'm shy. Unless it's haiku.

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