My Boring Day

Today was yet another boring day. Utterly drab, disappointing, dull.

So imagine my surprise when, while talking to my brother, he suddenly decided to turn into a skeleton. Talk about hasty decisions!

I eventually talked him out of it. Being a wizard has many more advantages than a skeleton after all. So he arrived at the correct conclusion and returned to his normal state. Talk about false alarm.

I complained to my brother how boring today was. Other than reciting the plot of every Final Fantasy backwards, he didn’t say much. Bored out of my mind I was that I started going bad grammar. But I fixed it soon enough. 

After loafing around on the couch for several days days hours I decided to go check my email. Maybe something interesting would be there today.
More spam.
Oh, an invitation to a festival where thousands of representatives of different galaxies would show up displaying their triumphant inventions of the millennial from their planets!

Whoops, I deleted the email. And rejected the invitation. And insulted every planet so I can’t change my mind. Shucks. Talk about bad luck.

No one interesting was online to talk to either, so I logged off, and I went to play

I was going to put a name of a video game here in all capitals that I went to play. But I couldn’t think of any. It was going to be the best game ever, but there are so many great games I couldn’t decide. So take this long paragraph of pointless explanation instead. Talk about fantastic plot exposition!

So what shall I talk about now? I don’t know.

I’m going to put a list of topics in a hat. Then I will draw one out and talk about it.

All right, I have the topics written on slips of paper. Now to-
Crap I don’t have a hat with me. Talk about being unprepared.

What’s interesting though, is that even though I don’t have the hat, I have the rabbit. The white rabbit I pulled out from the hat I don’t have. The rabbit was not in the hat ahead of time either, and the hat isn’t a trick hat. It was a magic trick!


Thank you! Thank you very much. Just an example of what’s great about being a wizard as opposed to say, a skeleton. Also, while I’m at it, I also pulled five aces out from behind the rabbit’s ear, all from the same deck of 52 cards with the correct number of cards and suits.

And yeah, that’s all that happened to me today. Other than my 3 year long quest to fetch something really holy (I use “something” instead of a specific object, because I got to choose which holy object it was. Thanks, alternate endings! [I got the bad ending unfortunately. I chose the holy pizza sword. Damn.])


Feel free to reply. But I won't read cuz I'm shy. Unless it's haiku.

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