Due To Procrastination

I’m feeling tired from procrastinating on studying physics. Not only have I not studied, I haven’t made my blog post of the day, frownie face.

So I will leave with this interesting fact.

According to WordPress, I have only 33 views today. All of which, only on my post: “Teeniest Request”. None on my homepage or anywhere else. What’s more, they’re all from the link cinabeng.co.cc/justin-timberlake-car-accident-today
Which apparently doesn’t work. But when I click on the link within my blog editing options it leads me to http://english.truthway.tv/zakirnaik/index.html

A quick Google search reveals some funny things about it.

I never understood the WordPress referrers, the urls frequently don’t make sense and lead to totally random pages.

Also, I

WHOOAAAAAAAHHH I just saw a glowing green giraffe peering outside the window I need to get some sleep. Oh god it’s lighting me on fire with the fury that is the Ch.30 Sources of the Magnetic Field quiz tomorrow. I hope it’s not worth many points.


EDIT: What’s also interesting is that several other blogs were referred to by cinabeng.co.cc/justin-timberlake-car-accident-today, and all the owners of the blogs end up dying the next day in a mysterious car accident. I smell a mystery! Oh goody, I guess I’ll know what to write about tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “Due To Procrastination

  1. Do you know how to get rid of this site — like block it permanently from looking at our pages? I get the same thing, you see

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