Some Kind of Game? Part 3

Wow, that was long, but finally over. Read part 2 here. Feel free to point out typos/mistakes-Obachuka

Rose rushed after Rodney, and her guards followed suit. Banker approached me.

“Are you okay?” he asked in his gruff voice.

The wound stopped bleeding, since it wasn’t that deep, but it still stung. I grunted, and got up to my feet. “Yeah, I’ll be all right. You should go see Rodney, the entire opposing team is after him.”

“A-all right. Just take care of yourself yeah?” Banker jogged after everyone else.

All alone now. Now would be a great time to search for the next star. If we scored the next one, we would only need one more. I wished Rodeny good luck.

I wasn’t very sure where I would head off to next though. I stepped out of the parking structure and surveyed the landscape. A cracked and faded concrete road led to the entrance of the parking structure. I decided to follow the road, assuming that it must go somewhere.

I walked at a brisk pace, but not running since I was still tired from the previous encounter. The area here was surprisingly quiet. Actually, now that I think about it, the announcer usually commentates the match really loudly, but I only heard him say was when we scored goals.

“Score!” the announcer cried, far off.

Well speak of the devil, I thought to myself.

“Another point to Team Pol! They’ve now scored two of the three points to win the game!”

I abruptly stopped in my tracks. My mind went crazy, whoah whoah wait what? They scored? Whaaaaaat?! How did the catch up to Rodney? I stood there dazed for a long while, then realized I had to hurry up and find the next stars else we would lose.

I broke into a run. The scenery around changed now. I guess the old road did lead somewhere. Colorful shops lined the streets, but despite their lively nature, they looked old and unused. An abandoned downtown area? Was this whole town abandoned?

The road split into several intersections. I chose one at random, running down the path and looking at the shops. The displays were all empty, and the signs were removed. I couldn’t tell what they were selling at all.

A star glowed in a shop display, its presence highlighted by the empty displays surrounding the star. I smiled, looks like I’ll be doing some shopping here. The shop building was an interesting one, its blue painted surface was laced with pink horizontal stripes. A glaring white circle resided near the top where a sign used to be located.

I tried the door to the shop. Locked. I looked over at the star, taunting me from behind the glass.

I bent down to the ground and picked up a stone. Well, seeing as the store was deserted…

I hurled the stone at the window. The glass cracked and shattered, and the shards tinkled as the hit the ground. An extremely loud and high pitched pierced my ears. Panic struck me. An alarm! I seized the star and ran.

The high pitched beeping grew steadily louder if that was at all possible, and I realized that every store’s alarm started ringing. My heart pounded as I raced down the street, forgetting that the city was abandoned.

Something flew out blazingly fast towards me. I sidestepped out of the way, and recognized Rose rushing past me. She stopped and turned towards me. In her hand, she held another star. Shock filled me. Again?! How was she doing this? The noisy alarms reflected my thoughts: alarmed. If she scored one more time, her team would win.

Rose seemed to recognize this too, and sprinted away from me. I gritted my teeth. No way was she going to get away from me.

She jumped onto an empty trashcan, and boosted herself up onto the roof of a shop. The trash can rolled towards me, and I jumped over it. I ran up the red-bricked shop wall a few steps, jumped, and grabbed onto the edge of the roof. I pulled myself up and ran after Rose. The din of the shop alarms died behind me.

She jumped over to another shop, and I leaped after her. We traversed roof to roof, and Rose maintained a solid distance ahead of me. My legs felt tired, my lungs burned, and my wound hurt. Meanwhile, Rose seemed doing fine.

The shops seemed to be gradually increasing with height, until we were around four stories up above the streets. Then, the shops disappeared, we were at the edge of the city. Rose stopped at the edge of the roof. I laughed, convinced I caught her. The cold wind was strong up here, and blew Rose’s long, brown hair. Man, I wish I had a cape so I could look cool too.

Suddenly, I heard the roar of a helicopter somewhere. Rose smiled devilishly, and jumped backwards off the roof. Shock hit me, but quickly dissipated as I saw the helicopter rise up, with Rose clearly in the open doorway. I gritted my teeth and clenched my hands, feeling the warm star squirm in my right hand.

“Gragh! So that’s how you got to those stars so fast!” I shouted vehemently. “You’re a cheater!”

Rose laughed, “Yeah? What of it?” The helicopter turned, preparing to head off to the goal.

Without thinking, I sprinted towards the helicopter. I pushed off with all my might against the roof, and grabbed the floor of the chopper with my free, left hand. Determined, I pulled myself up onto the helicopter with one hand. A look of surprise crossed Rose’s face. In a flash, I swiped the other star from Rose’s hand.

A smug sense of victory filled me, as I sat on the metal floor, catching my breath. The announcer stared at me, and the camera man trained his camera on me as well. Rose seemed too dumbfounded to do anything.

After a brief moment of silence, Rose spoke up. “Well now what?”

“Huh?” I asked.

“So you’ve jumped onto the helicopter. So what now?” Rose gestured towards the camera-man. “We’ve caught you on tape. You’re a cheater.”

I shouted with outrage. “What?! You’re the cheater here! You’re on camera too!”

Rose shook her head, smirked at me. “I’m afraid by pure ‘accident’ the camera-man failed to film me.” The camera-man looked to the ground guiltily. “And the announcer and the driver didn’t see me.”

“Wh-whaaaaat?!” I shouted. They’re in cahoots with her!

Rose stretch her hand out to me. “If you were to say…give me your stars…we might forget your encounter here.”

I stood there, frozen. I couldn’t believe this was happening. My heart stood still, and everything seemed quiet, despite the obtrusive noise of the helicopter rotors.

“Besides,” Rose continued. “My guards previously took care of your teammates. You wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to them, would you?”

Sweat dripped down my face. They beat Rodney and Banker?

“Anytime now…” Rose said. The chopper was getting close to the goal. A scenery of pine trees flew below far us, and in the distance, four red flags closed in.

No way, they beat Rodney and Banker? I felt crushed. There seemed to be no other way. My grip loosened off the stars. No way, they beat Rodney and Banker.

“No…way…” I murmured to myself.

“What was that?” Rose snapped.

Her sharp words awoke me from my revelry. No way would Rodney and Banker lose! My grip tightened. And I wasn’t about to either. I held my fists in front of me, each holding a pale star.

Rose saw my expression, and knew what my response would be. She snarled and leaped towards me, swinging her fist at my face. I pushed her blow aside. Rose punched again at me, but once again I parried it.

Rose growled. “Why do you resist?! We’re too high up for you to escape anyways!”

I looked down. Pine trees dotted the ground below like small, green pixels. I grimaced, it was true.

“We were getting close to the goal now,” Rose continued. “See those two figures waiting below us? Those are my guards. There’s no escape for you! So hand those stars over!”

I saw the two figures as well. But…

I smirked at Rose. “Too high up? Maybe for you.” I stepped backwards off the helicopter. I plummeted down, and the wind roared in my ear as I fell. I looked up to see Rose staring down at me. I was too far to see her face, but I’m sure it was dumbfounded. I laughed, I couldn’t believe I was doing this.

I fell for such a long time. I twisted around to look below me. I saw the trees and stones grow rapidly larger, and I immediately looked away. I felt sick.

Suddenly, WHAM. I landed one something considerably soft, but I fell so fast that I still felt hurt from the landing. Dazed, I stood up. It seemed like I landed on a hastily constructed trampoline made from cloth tied to trees.

“OH MY GOD, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! WE PANICKED WHEN WE SAW YOU JUMP!” I heard Rodney shouting in my ear. Banker stood next to him. They both had bruises all over their bodies, and looked as though they nearly drowned. But despite that, the wore grins on their faces. I stretched out my hands, showing them our victory.


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