Grandioso Coiffure

“Get out of my hair!” shouted the annoyed woman named Mathilda. Her enormous hair, the size of a small playground, stretched every which way.

“Wheee,” a little boy squealed. He slid down a stream of smooth, brown hair shaped like a slide.

Mathilda shook her head and the boy fell to the ground, breaking his neck. And remained motionless! XD

Kids everywhere couldn’t resist playing in Mathilda’s hair. And because they couldn’t control their natural animal instinct to frolic in oversized hair, they all died in the end.

But Maverick saw the hair more than just a play ground. He stared at Mathilda’s giant hair. It inspired determination in him. To him, it was a challenge. To play in Mathilda’s hair without dying. And he was going to accomplish that. Right then and there.

Maverick clenched his fists and licked the sweat from his upper lip, then his nose and forehead (intense tongue action). He ran at Mathilda’s hair with full speed and jumped.

He totally missed and fell off the side of a cliff and plummeted to a horrible death.

wow he didunt even touch mathildsas hare suks 4 him lol i guess he wusnt going to accomplish that right then and there.


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