And what do you know?

Remember yesterday I made a post complaining that I didn’t want to write? It was only a few lines long, and ended with “Watch this stupid post get tons of views.”

Yesterday, I broke my previous record of 75 views in a single day with a huge (in my blogging life so far) jump to 92 views in a single day. That single post of a few lines received a total of 63 views in that one day, making it my second most popular post behind Teeniest Request.

I’ve come to notice that the shorter my blog posts are, the more popular they are… Especially popular are the random rambling posts with no effort, along with stories that are strange and make no sense.



EDIT: And only 6 posts today, my lowest.


Feel free to reply. But I won't read cuz I'm shy. Unless it's haiku.

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