Synchronized Nods

My brother was playing Persona 4 when an animated cutscene popped up. His party was facing the final boss, and typical of JRPG’s, one party member made a speech about teamwork or whatever. And the entire team nodded at the same time in affirmation, kind of like stating, “We gone whoop the main antagonist’s arse with the power of friendship,” except silently and with a choreographed feel.

So I said, “Aw yeah, I love me some synchronized nods.” And totally nodded. My brother nodded too.

“Man, that wasn’t synced!” I said. I nodded again, and my brother nodded afterwards. We kept taking turns, nodding at the wrong times.

“You synchronize with me!” my brother said.

“No way sync with me dude.” And thus we argued into the night while nodding out of turn. In the end, I definitely won because my nod was more rad.


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