Let me share a word with you: Smoane

So I had an extreme bout of procrastination, comparable to when I have to write an essay that’s due tomorrow. Except…I don’t actually have that much homework today, I just for some reason decided to waste my entire doing, I have no clue what.

So I’m afraid I can’t post anything much today. Except share a word of mine. I have a couple of words I randomly mispronounced and decided that they should be real words in my dictionary.

Smoane (verb) – pronounced “smone” like “own” except with a “sm” in front, so “smown”

It describes that feeling you get in your ears when you change altitudes. I have no clue what the actual word was, and at the time I couldn’t look it up (and now I refuse to look it up). So I decided to call it “smoane.”

You know, like when you’re driving up/down the mountain or going up/down in an airplane? And your ears feel all funky? I would say:

“Man, my ears are smoaned.”

I think the actual word is plugged or popped or whatever. But smoane is so much cooler. Let it be known that “smoane” is the word to use. I expect all of you to use smoane in every day language now.

What’s great about “smoane” is that it also sounds like a word used to describe when you’re high or something.

“Oh, I’m totally smoaned right now. I’m seeing coloooours.”

Multiple definitions!

But that’s just me.

All right, I’ve imparted my wisdom upon you, my readers. May you use this word and impress your friends!


Feel free to reply. But I won't read cuz I'm shy. Unless it's haiku.

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