Kooltastic Manifesto

Today, we will be kickass.

Today, we will totally rock on and be totally awesome.

We will need a cool pair of shades.

And a cool catch phrase.

But what we really need is a glowing pot of condensed coolness frozen in the sea of Jupiter’s moon Europa, chilled in the volcanoes of Jupiter’s moon Io, rad-ified in the desert of Jupiter’s moon Moon-That-Lacks-Deserts, and cooked




Then after the pot of coolness is well done, we activate its magic science

By thanking Granny.

By helping the old lady across the street.

By helping victims who are being bullied.

And then after its science is activated, we can be totally rebellious, and follow the beliefs in our rebellious new way of life, thereby inducing a rebellious attitude in our rebellious minds so that we can be awesome in a rebellious manner, after we kiss our baby sister goodnight.


A lame attempt of me trying to be funny and failing. Read the original Manifesto Manifesto here:


Feel free to reply. But I won't read cuz I'm shy. Unless it's haiku.

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