AI’s Tower

The inner core area of the tower was entirely made of metal, and had a faint, bronze tinge everywhere. A smell kind of like a bunch of copper pennies lingered in the air. I stepped onto the bronze bridge, my high heels clacking against the metal. Below me were tangles of giant cables.

On the other side of the bridge, a few soldiers burst out of a heavy, iron door. They wore masks that almost reminded me of the Combine from Half-Life 2. What can I say, video games are popular here.

I flashed my ID at the soldiers. They immediately dispersed. Being a rich and powerful sector owner has its merits. I walked past the soldiers to the doorway, and they fell to their knees.

I walked out of the inner core of the tower.  The copper smell disappeared, replaced by the fresh smell cool air. The silver floor extended all around me, then stopped, forming a circle. The area outside the central tower was a circular platform that enveloped the center. At the edges was a line of fencing, and past the fencing was nothing but blue skies.

An assortment of small shops dotted the circular platform. I walked to a favorite noodle stand of mine, near the edge of the platform. The sky was so clear today. A gust of wind blew, and nearly stole away my hat. I readjusted my hat and my long hair, and walked over to the fence. The view of the city from here was gorgeous.

A large male dressed entirely in white already sat at the noodle stand, guzzling down his soup. His name was Muzz, the owner of this sector of the tower. I sat next to him, and ordered a miso noodle from the chef.

“You wanted to talk business?” I asked Muzz.

The man drank the rest of his soup, and slammed his bowl down on the counter. “Best damn bowl of noodles I ever had.” He sighed contentedly.

I smiled curtly. “I’d prefer you watch your language with me. It’s fine now, but get any worse…anyways I suggest you get to the point.”

“What, a man can’t enjoy his meal?” Muzz passed twenty dollars to the chef. “Keep the change, it was great!”

Muzz pulled something out of the pocket. A map of the tower. “Lookie here,” he grunted. “I want to open up a delivery system. The central elevator core is too slow. It can’t go any faster because it’s for people.”

The chef placed a bowl of miso noodles before me. I thanked him and began to eat.

He drew lines connecting each sector of the towers. “But if we had chutes for delivery…”

I put down my chopsticks and interrupted the man. “Mister Muzz, I’ve heard this proposal before. You want me to invest in this idea. But you know the owners of several sectors are highly opposed to this idea, and we need a unanimous vote.”

A strange glint appeared in Muzz’s eyes. “But have you ever wondered why they opposed? There’s nothing wrong with this idea, it improves efficiency by so much.”

I scoffed. “I suppose it’s because their sectors are self-sufficient. It would only benefit the poorer sectors, and they want to keep the poor sectors poor. The owners would have more to gain that way. That’s all speculation of course”

“Exactly! The sector owners are all greedy bastards, the all of them. Except you of course, Lady” Muzz added, a bit too hastily for my tastes. “But I found a loop-hole. The AI controls this tower. If we were to hack-”

A large buzz interrupted Muzz. The crowd grew frantic. Smelling trouble, I paid the chef and left the noodle stand. I glanced behind me, and saw a few robots arrest Muzz. Something seemed suspicious, but I headed back to my sector first, and wait until things calmed down.


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