Carnival Adventure

Hey! Let’s go to E3! That is, E3-Carnival Edition! Yaaaay.

>Plane ride

Dude, give me the aisle seat. If you don’t I swear I’ll throw up on you, I get nauseous easily. You don’t want to incur the wrath of the narrator.

>Give the aisle seat
– Keep the aisle seat

We arrived at the E3 carnival!
Game booths litter the huge building. The chatter of several thousand people roar throughout. Colorful advertisements attract their audiences to their favorite games. An obnoxiosu ad claiming you won a free car flashes at you from a nearby booth. E3 must have disabled your built in adblocker.
Which booth should we go to?

– Go to the booth with the enlargment ad
– Final Fantasy XX
– Metal Gear 1: The Solid Edition
> Half-Life 2 Episode 3
– Ninokuni
– Mother 5

Nice choice! Maybe it’ll be released this year. Unfortunately for you, you don’t have enough <INSERT STAT> here to go there yet. Grind moar. Meanwhile, I think we should go to the Pokemon booth, I lurv me some Pokemans.

> Bollocks

The Pokemon booth is quite large. It has an entire stadium dedicated to it. A large HD screen displays a new trailer. A troop of Pokemon dance underneath it. However, the entire audience’s attention is on the shiny monitor.

Brock: C’mon Pokemon, we gotta dance! We can’t lose to a monitor! Geodude, use megaton!

Brock and his dancing Pokemon grow three times their original size. Their performance is suddenly more glorious, akin to the Beijing Olympics. That is what megaton does, right? Is that even a real move?

– I don’t know
> He should have used rest

Let’s move closer, I want to see their dance.

Wild Mongoose appears!

A Mongoose is a goose Pokemon right? Yeah I’m right, it’s pretty obvious.

> Throw Pokeball

You throw your Pokeball with mighty strength! Cirno would be proud. The ball hits the Mongoose in the eye.
Mongoose escapes!
Mongoose ruffles its feathers angrily.

Mongoose: **** you man, that hurt

Mongoose used fly.

> Throw Pokeball

You throw your Pokeball again! It hits Mongoose in the eye and knocks him down to the ground.

Mongoose: **** damn it dude, stop ******* hitting me in the ******** *** eye you ** ****.

Don’t let his words get to you, I’m almost certain he made them up on the spot. He’s weak! Now’s the chance to finally catch the Mongoose.

> Throw Pokeball

You throw the Pokeball, taking care not to hit it in its eye. The Pokeball hits the Mongoose in the eye, and captures the stunned Pokemon.
Cue victory theme! Well done mate, you rock. I kinda wish Mongoose was a rock-type Pokemon instead, so saying “you rock” would make more sense.
Well I think we need to conclude our adventures, despite the fun we had.

You wake up.


– …
– I wasn’t asleep.
> Just leave to a different booth, he’s a terrible narrator.
– Throw a Pokeball at him.


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