Similes and Flashbacks and Angry Beavers

Gregory ate his tuna sandwich like an angry beaver.

A pale and tall man named Balife exclaimed, “Gregory! Stop that, you know how I hate angry beavers!”


“Happy birthday!” Balife’s parents shouted. His mother clapped as his father presented a black forest cake to Baby Balife, a short baby. It had delicate strawberries on top of its black, moist surface.

Baby Balife squealed with joy, and stuffed a slice black forest cake into his mouth. The sweet cake caressed his tongue with a chocolaty taste. It was so good, Baby Balife gobbled up the entire delicious cake like a greedy warthog.

“Balife!” his mother scolded. “You know we don’t like greedy warthogs!”


Young adult Balife’s mother stared lovingly into young adult Balife’s father’s eyes as she promised, “Honey, I will never use a flashback to explain anything.”

~End Flashback~

Balife’s mother woke from her reverie with a start. “And we’ll explain to you why we don’t like greedy warthogs without a flashback.”

His parents sprouted a flat, brown tail. With his two oversized, squarish hanging out of his mouth, Balife’s father explained, “It’s because warthogs are a beaver’s worst enemy, and they make us very, very…ANGRY!”

Their eyes turned red with rage, as Baby Balife cried…

~End Flashback~

“And that’s why you shouldn’t eat like an angry beaver!” Balife declared.

Gregory licked his fat fingers. “But I’m already done eating.” He stood up from his chair with a heave. “I should get back to work.”

“Oh,” Balife simply said. “I should hurry up and get back to work to.” He looked down at his own unfinished pizza. He picked it up, and ate it like an ungracious hyena.

“That reminds me…” Gregory started.

“Of a flashback about hyenas?” Balife prompted.

Gregory nodded his fat head eagerly. “Yes yes, a flashback…”



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