Yay Me! 102nd Post

Well, as of this post, my blog is now at its 102nd post. It’s certainly come a long wa-

Pfft ahahahahaha nah, my blog is just the same as ever, which is nice. I’ve got a lot more stuff up now though, and some of my stuff isn’t too bad.

So anyways, why am I celebrating the hundred second post?

Because I forgot to celebrate it for the 100th post, that’s why!

I remember it, tracking my post count. “Omg I’m so close too one hundred,” I thought to myself. Ninety one…ninety two… ninety three…

I was going to have something somewhat special (not super special though because I don’t plan ahead too well) for the 100th post. Yesterday, I was at 99 posts. But then I blinked an eye, and woosh, 101 posts. I probably broke the world record for longest blink: at least several days.

Although, I don’t remember blinking that long. I also don’t remember yesterday, or the day before. I thought it was Monday yesterday, and when I woke up, it was suddenly Thursday. I must have lost my memory.

And to celebrate my 102nd post, I have Professor Nomeburg with me! My video camera broke, so I can’t prove anything that will happen, but believe me, it’s true.

Today, Nomeburg will be opening up my brain and examining my buried memories over what happened the past few days. Are you excited? Because I sure am. I finally get to find out what I had for lunch yesterday.

Okay, this feels weird, but looks really cool. Professor Nomeburg opened up my head, and stuck something inside my brain. It looks like some aluminum stick. I have a mirror, so I can see my own brain! Too bad you guys can’t see this, it’s pretty awesome.

Oh, we’re done already? Professor Nomeburg pulled out the stick and inserted it into his computer. Wow, so high tech. Now let’s see what files I have hidden in my brain.

On Tuesday morning, I… oh, I did that? How¬†embarrassing! Let’s skip ahead.

On Tuesday afternoon I had a rad sandwich. Rad. I also apparently performed a somersault and landed the moon. Before I suffocated, I evolved gills so it was all good.

I…I somehow doubt that’s what I did, but the files say so, so it must be true! Man I am rad.

Tuesday night I did something so awesome I can’t describe it.

Wednesday afternoon I took a math test and cried in the corner after I finished.

Whoah whoah whoah, I’m pretty sure that math test was easy. Hey wait, I don’t even have math on Wednesdays. Nomeburg, what’s going on?!

Aha! Wednesday night, I wrote my 100th blog post! I remember now! Unfortunately a conspiracy occurred and some secret agents made my mutant printer eat my blog post. Always the printer’s fault. Too bad, it was an amazing post. You know what? I don’t want to spoil it. I’ll retype post my amazing 100th post later in several days from now, and it will be great. (Crap now I’ll have to actually make a good post what am I to do I hope no one calls my bluff)


Well, that’s all I have! Thanks Professor Nomeburg, you really- wait I have to pay?


Feel free to reply. But I won't read cuz I'm shy. Unless it's haiku.

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