Well hello

Yesterday and today was exciting. Let me summarize what happened!

-Got on plane
-Plane crashed in Atlantic Ocean
-Swam to shore with help of winged-whales
-Had to haggle with winged-whales because their fares were ridiculous
-Lots of traffic, and we got lost a lot
-So much traffic, we got bored and had to travel forwards in time
-Met my future self several years in the future, we had a pleasant chat
-Ate at Legal Seafoods for dinner (if it’s not fresh, it’s not legal)
-Arrived at hotel
-I could have written a blog post but I was tired (lazy)

-I steeped the tea I had for breakfast for too long, and its magnificent made me queasy
-It also enabled me to fly, albeit for only a little while
-Visited colleges my brother might be interested in
-I met my past self from a day ago, and my past-self thought he was several years in the future
-He was being a jerk and kept asking about flying cars even though I kept telling him it was only one day in advance
– Ate lunch at some noodle place, I could have sworn there was a fire-breathing fly in my soup
– I had to go to the hospital for a short while because I kept breathing fire
– Back at hotel, went to bed


Feel free to reply. But I won't read cuz I'm shy. Unless it's haiku.

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