Jolliest Bandage

Alice the young girl giggled and chased a squirrel across the grassy park. A tree root caught her foot and she fell to the ground with her arms outstretched.

Alice winced as she scraped her forearms. “Oowww,” she quietly whimpered.

“Hey, you there!” a high pitched voice called out.

“Huh?” Alice looked around for the owner of the voice.

“Over here!”

Alice looked down, and saw a somewhat large band-aid. It hopped up and down, waving its stick-like arms, and bore a happy expression on its face that can be best described as “:D”

“Oh, hi there Mister Band-aid,” the young girl said.

“Oh pleeeaase, call me Rodrick,” the band-aid replied. It stopped hopping and stared up at Alice, who was clutching her arms. “Oh my, are you hurt? Well lucky for you, you have me! :D”


“No need to be shy! Go ahead and patch yourself up with me! :D”

The band-aid stared at Alice, and made her feel nervous. She noticed the band-aid never blinked, and its creepy smile appeared to grow larger.

“Um, I’m actually quite all right,” Alice stood up and walked away. A few steps behind, the band-aid followed her, still staring with its jolly face.

“I’m perfectly sanitary if that’s what you’re worried about! :D”

Alice looked over her shoulder at the stalking band-aid. “I’m sure you’re very clean but, but, but I think… it would be rude… you don’t need to worry about me,” the young girl stammered.

“I prevent germs from infecting your wounds. I’m super adhesive, but not at all hard to remove. :D”

Alice ignored the band-aid and quickened her pace. She wished she weren’t alone. The park was unusually empty save for a few kids playing on the swings on the other side of the park. Alice headed in their direction for company.

“Where are you going? Why are you not talking? Are you in pain?” the band-aid asked. It smiled, “:D”

The two of them walked together in silence. The band-aid struggled with its short stick legs to keep up with Alice’s fast pace.

Rodrick zoomed a few feet ahead and turned around. Alice froze, surprised by the band-aid’s sudden speed. Its smile shrank into a small dot, and its blank eyes stared harder at Alice. “I. Think. You should fix up. Your. Gaping wounds,” the band-aid said.

Alice started to feel worried. “I-I’m sorry, I don’t have any large wounds?”

Rodrick glared. “You don’t sound very sure.” Its abnormally large smile returned to its face. “Maybe you do have a gaping wound. Physically. Or perhaps metaphorically? :D”

Confused, Alice muttered, “I, er, what?”

“You feel guilty doncha? Over your father’s death?” the band-aid’s face melted into an angry, disgusted face.

Poor Alice felt even more confused. “Uh, my my, dad’s still alive…” she said.

“Oh.” Rodrick’s expression disappeared, so that his face was just the pink band-aid surface.

“I’m going to get going now, if that’s quite all right,” Alice said rapidly. She exited the park, and walked on the sidewalk towards her home.

“Wait! Um, your mother never loved and she left because of you!” Rodrick shouted after her.

Thoroughly annoyed, Alice shouted back, “I’m confident my mom never left me!”

A police car pulled over to the sidewalk, and a police officer walked out. “Excuse me little lady, are you Alice Brookham?”

Alice felt worried. “Ye-yes? What’s wrong?”

“Your mother’s in the hospital. She wishes to-” the police officer began.

Her worried feelings gave way to fear and a bit of anger.¬†Alice whirled around and faced Rodrick. She clenched her hands and shouted at him, “What did you do?!”

“Hey I didn’t do an- actually yeah, I poisoned your mother! And I won’t give you the cure unless you use me to cover your gaping metaphorical and physical wounds!” the band-aid shouted triumphant.

“What?!” Alice cried. She sank to her knees, dejected. “Fine, you strange band-aid…”

The police officer coughed. “Ahem, you should let me finish before you jump to scary conclusions. Your mother wishes to talk to you.” He handed the young girl a cell phone.

Her heart thumped as she reached a shaky hand for the phone. “Hi mom?” she spoke into the phone.

“HI DEAR!” her mother shouted through the phone. “I’m in the hospital visiting a friend, but I have to wait before I can see her. So I called random phone numbers and coerced this young man to find you!”

Somewhat relieved, but also more horrified, Alice replied “Mom! Don’t do that! You gave me a fright. Please don’t call random people, especially police officers…”

“Well I wanted to tell you, when you get home, I put a bowl of spaghetti for you in the fridge! Just pop it in the microwave and it should be ready,” her mother said, then hung up.

Alice sighed, and her arms relaxed. She handed the phone back to the officer.

“Heh, I sure gave you a scare huh?” the police officer said. “By the way, you’re bleeding. Do you need a band-aid?”

Alice’s blood boiled, and she picked up Rodrick, and placed it over the policeman’s mouth.


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