I Am a Professional Dream Interpreter

A thin, steel pole stood around twenty meters above a pit of bubbling lava. A long series of metal chains connected the top of the pole to a heavy, iron anchor swinging in a circle around the pole. A large, brooding man sat on the anchor, its smooth and hard surface already warm from the glowing magma below.

Watch. This scene was just in the man’s imagination. In reality, he slept furiously on the couch, trying to dream away the upsetting events earlier in his day. But he cannot escape his anger even in his dreams. The spinning anchor, the hellish lava. Soon, very soon, this man would erupt and spin out of control.

Ring ring. The phone rang. The man sat up, yawned, and walked towards the phone. He picked up the receiver and put it to his sleepy face.

“Hello?” he asked.

“Hello Mr. Hancock,” a boy said through the phone. He sounded like a teenager and probably had braces and acne. “We’re sorry to inform you that your large shipment of two hundred boxes of ice cream sandwiches has been delayed. The truck’s refrigerator broke down, and we cannot ship until its fixed. Again, we’re sorry for the delay.”

The man paused, and his face turned red. He was going to explode.

“Haha that’s quite all right!” the man cheerfully spoke into the phone. “I had a really great day today, so nothing can get me down!”

“We’re glad to hear that sir. Your shipment of ice cream sandwiches should arrive in two days,” the young boy said, and hung up.

The man beamed, and returned to his couch. “I’m going to adopt a kitty later today,” he thought to himself, before falling asleep. He dreamt of a pit of lava, and he swung on an anchor above, faster and faster in a circle.

I need to read “Dream Interpretation for Dummies” (interestingly enough, it’s real! Wow they have everything)


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