Let me share something

For my AP Statistics class, we had to make a group presentation. Our topic was “confidence levels.” I did a majority of the writing, with some done by my brother. My brother also did every picture, so he did most of the work. It’s interesting even without knowing stats. Though it’s definitely better if you do know, and even better if you’re in Mr. Friedland’s class.


I also posted this without permission with the rest of my group. BAHAHA. But a few friends requested it so whatever.

Too bad we didn’t record our presentation. What was great about our presentation was not just the pictures, story, and jokes, but also the voice acting (and my singing). Why yes, I did just compliment myself. Thank you me. You’re welcome me. Me, your too arrogant. Don’t listen him to me, you’re humble and cool. I’ll follow your advice me, stick and stones won’t break my bones and neither will words.

I did the voice acting for Sarah, my brother did Shannon and his boss. Oh boy, did I enjoy shouting my lines. Peter, Armon, and Michael narrated. I also sang the Pallet Town theme, battle theme, and Zelda tune. Unfortunately, I forgot to sing the Katamari theme. The references were Pokemon of course, false cheat codes, Katamari, Adventure Time, Zelda, Portal, politics, and Phoenix Wright.



Feel free to reply. But I won't read cuz I'm shy. Unless it's haiku.

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