My Pet Peeve #1: Apples

Apples in fruit juices.

Now, I love all fruits, apple among one of them. I also like fruit juices, a good deal of them anyways.

My pet peeve is that apple always crops up as an ingredient in fruit juices. Next time you buy some fruit juice, check the ingredients if apple is in it, even if the juice flavour has nothing to do with apple. More often than not, it will have apple flavoring, concentrate, juices, or other variants.

Combination juices are extremely likely to have apple as an ingredient. Flavours such as strawberry and banana, tropical something, strawberry and kiwi and pineapple, mango and orange and banana. Any fruit juices that combines multiple fruits will almost always have apple. Not all, sure, but surprisingly often. The order in which ingredients are listed show which ingredients are used most often, with the first ingredient the most used ingredient. When apple shows up in combination juices (almost always), apple always shows up within the first three fruits mentioned. In fact, apple usually shows up as the first or second fruit. Sometimes apple is the first ingredient in general.

For single, uncommon juices, apple shows up often as well. Which makes no sense since single fruit juices should have only one fruit in them. These are flavours such as cherry, pineapple, watermelon, sometimes mango, and blueberry. Apple is less likely to show up than in combination juices, but they still show up a lot. I once had a cherry juice that tasted just like apple juice. When apple shows up, it’s usually the second or first fruit since there aren’t many fruits in single fruit juices. Apple is usually behind stuff like water (usually).

The juices safe from apple are orange juice and lemonade, by themselves. The majority of the time, grape doesn’t have apple, but it’s not at all rare to have apple in it. I’ve never had orange juice with apple in it. Lemonade with apple is extremely rare.

Apple juice and combination juices with apple explicitly in the name of the flavour or in the carton art will of course, always have apple.

Has anyone else noticed how often apple appears in fruit juices? Or is it that my family just happens to by juices with apple in them by coincidence? Check the ingredients next time. I hope I’m not crazy.


Feel free to reply. But I won't read cuz I'm shy. Unless it's haiku.

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