Adventures of Bio Musume

I do take requests, by the way, not that anyone would want to make any -Obachuka

This is a tale of an extraordinary girl with extraordinary abilities who seized her destiny with her own fists.

Deep within the buried caverns in the Earth’s center, fiery rocks spewed forth their rage. In one of the largest chambers of Earth’s bowels, resided an enormously fat pillar, with a basin etched into the top. Bio Musume walked up the side of the pillar, and stared into its contents. An huge party of glowing souls swam within what appeared to be an invisible liquid. “Pretty,” Bio Musume said. She reached her hand inside the basin. The perfectly clear water froze her hands. Bio Musume shivered, reached deeper, and grabbed a soul.

The soul was like a miniature version of Bio Musume, except her head was disproportionately larger than her tiny body. Her hair was slightly more purplish than Bio Musume’s hair as well.

The tiny soul giggled and said, “If you release me, we can escape and be free!”

Bio Musume stared at the soul. “Ooh very good argument.” Bio Musume opened her mouth wide and brought the soul close to her face.

“No no wait! Don’t eat me! Just let go of me!” the soul shrieked, squirming to get away from Bio Musume’s sharp teeth. She opened and closed her hands repeatedly. “See? Like that, easy!”

Bio Musume opened her hand. The soul floated, and squealed delightedly at her new-found freedom. Bio Musume closed her hand.

“Ah! No don’t do that! You only need to release me once!” the soul said in her shrill, high voice. Bio Musume opened her hand.

“Phew! Thanks!” the soul said. “You can call me Flaerice!” Hovering in mid-air, the tiny soul bowed.

“Ooh? You have your own name?” Bio Musume pondered. “I always thought your name would be Mini Bio.”

“What? Of course not, we get our own names too!”

“Hmm…” Bio Musume clapped her hands together. “Well then, I get a name too! Ms. Highness le’ Purin!”

“Wha-what?!” Flaerice squealed. Flustered, she waved her hands frantically. “B-but Bio Musume you already-”

Bio Musume put a finger on the tiny soul’s mouth. “Ah ah! That’s Ms. Highness le’ Purin to you!”

“But Ms. Highness le’ Purin, you already have a name!”

Bio Musume nodded, and laughed triumphantly. “That’s right! I do already have a name. Ms. Highness le’ Purin!”

“F-fine, very well Ms. Highness,” Flaerice bowed. “It’s a very… erm, unique name. I’m sure the surface world would love it.”

“Surface world?” Bio Musume asked.

“That’s right!” Flaerice pointed up at the rocky ceiling. “Up past there is a whole ‘nother world! Just waiting to be discovered. And I will be the key to getting you up there.”

Flaerice shouted and held her breath. Her small face turned red after several moments. Bio Musume looked on curiously with a somewhat-blank yet pleased look on her face.

“Pah!” Flaerice shouted. A glowing ball of energy, somewhat generic looking, shot forth from the small soul and into the ceiling above. With a thunderous crack, the cave split open, and faint sunlight managed to creep deep into the Earth.

Flaerice wiped the incorporeal sweat from her forehead. “Phew. Well, the path’s open. Now…we just need to figure out how to get you to the surface…any ideas? Bio Musume?”

Flaerice looked around. No sign of Bio Musume. “Ms. Highness? Le’ Purin?” she asked. Flaerice peered up into the cracked ceiling. Bio Musume, with a fierce, glowing aura, zoomed upwards towards the sunlight at a shocking pace.

Startled, Flaerice shouted “Ah! Ms. Highness! I didn’t know you could fly! Please wait for me, I can’t go that fast!” Flaerice waved her arms and legs pathetically, slowly inching to Bio Musume.

“Hurry up Flaerice!” Bio Musume laughed. “How did you not know I could fly? You’re my soul silly.”

Flaerice hung her head in shame. “I feel inadequate. Not even knowing my host’s abilities!” Flaerice exclaimed. She looked up at Bio Musume. “Do you have any other powers I should be made aware of?”

Bio Musume put her hand to her chin and thought. “Hmmm…nope! I can’t do anything else cool.” Bio Musume grabbed Flaerice telepathically, and the two of them flew towards the surface, while Flaerice shrieked in fear.


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