Adventures of Bio Musume 2

“Freeeeeedoom! At last!” Flaerice cried. She danced around in the glorious sun, taking in the sights around her. Trees, singing birds, and water fountains surrounded her. “I guess we’re in a park.”

“So now what?” Bio Musume asked.

“Well that’s obvious! We, um, what do you want to do?”

Bio Musume stretched out her arms, and lied down on the grass. “I think…I’m going to take a nap…”

Flaerice pulled on Bio Musume’s arm. “No! You can’t do that! We just got out, we have so much to do.”

“Mur mur mur, when you figure out what we’re going to do, then I’ll come along,” Bio Musume said. Lying on her back, she stared up at the sunny, blue sky. A young, scrawny boy, about 12 years of age with short, black hair leaned over her. A little girl of about 10 years of age who wore a blue and white dress, stood next to him. In one hand, she held the boy’s hand, and in the other, held a red lollipop.

“Hi lady! Did you just pop out from the ground?” the young boy shouted.

“Oh my,” Bio Musume said. She propped herself up from the ground with her hands. “And who might you two be?”

“Answer the question lady!” the boy shouted.

The young girl tugged on the boy’s hand. “Don’t be mean,” she said timidly. “I-I’m Sarah. And this is my brother Charles. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Sarah spoke in a tiny voice, and curtsied.

Bio Musume crossed her arms. “Ha! Nice to meet you too! I’m Ms. Highness le’ Purin. And yes, I did erupt from Hell, and I’m here to teach you two kids a lesson!”

“Eeek!” Sarah squealed. She yanked on her brother’s hand, whispering, “She scares me. Let’s go big brother, please.”

“No way!” Charles said. He puffed out his chest and flared his nostrils. “I’m not afraid of you Purin!”

“That’s Ms. Highness le’ Purin to you, boyo!” Bio Musume said. She stood up, towering around a foot over the the four foot boy. She pointed up at the sky, and her profile cast a shadow on little Charles. “I come from the depths of the Earth, with a single mission! I am to- er, Flaerice, what am I to do?”

“Ah, I turn around one moment and you get into trouble!” Flaerice cried. She hovered around Bio Musume. “You shouldn’t bully little kids.” Flaerice bowed and apologized to the two kids. “I’m sorry, Bio Musume is a nice girl if you get to know her. Granted, I don’t know her too well myself, but I think she’s nice.”

“Aww!” Sarah cried. She turned to her brother. “That little flying doll is so cute! I want one.”

Flaerice looked at Sarah, the petite girl in a dress with blue ribbons in her blonde hair. “Baaw,” she said to Bio Musume. “That little girl is so cute!”

Bio Musume yawned. “Yeah whatever. So do you know what we’re doing yet, Flaerice?”

“Hey hey! Bio Musume!” Charles shouted, pointing a finger at Flaerice. “My sister wants your flying doll as a pet! Hand her over!”

“Ah!” Flaerice cried. “I’m no pet! Ms. Highness, you would never-”

“YOU!” Bio Musume roared. “You shall refer to me as Ms. Highness le’ Purin! I thought I already told you that before!”

“Ah, she only cares about her name, of course,” Flaerice cried to herself. She felt a tap on her semi-transparent body.

“Hi!” Sarah said with a quiet voice and weak smile. “Want to play with me? My brother likes arguing over pointless things. We should just leave them to squabble.”

“I would be delighted to,” Flaerice beamed. The two of them wandered off into the park, and chatted happily away.


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