How Handy

A hand popped out of the haystack, and held out an apple.

“Buy my apple,” it told me.

“How about no?” I told it. “I have no reason I should want to buy an apple from you.”

Another hand popped out of the haystack, this time a left hand. It held a knife, and for a moment, my muscles tensed and I held my breath. But instead, the hand brought the knife down on the apple.

The hand held up the apple for me to see. “There’s a ruby inside. Not just any ruby, mind you. I think you recognize it.”

I gasped, and pointed a shaky finger towards the open apple. “The key to the Magical Cave of Secrets and Treasures and Magic!”

“Uh, no, it’s just some item you need for a fetch quest,” the hand explained.

“I’ll take it!” I exclaimed. I swiped the apple/ruby from the hand, and shook the other hand. “Thanks for the apple.”

“Whoah wait, you have to pay for that!”

I ignored it and bit into the apple. The crispy apple crunched in my teeth, and the sweet, fruity juice dribbled down my chin. “This is a good apple.” I think I swallowed the ruby.


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