Adventures of Bio Musume 3

“I can ride a skateboard and hit a pole with a rock twenty feet away!” Charles boasted. “And I’m only twelve!”

“Ha! That’s nothing,” Bio Musume said, waving off Charles feats.

“Oh yeah? Let’s see you try then,” Charles said, and pushed a skateboard towards Bio Musume.

“Prepare to be schooled, boyo!” Bio Musume said. Bio Musume eyed the skateboard cautiously. “So…I just have to ‘ride’ this thing?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Charles said. “C’mon it’s easy.”

“Of course it’s easy!” Bio Musume proclaimed. “Everything is easy for the Ms. Highness Le’ Purin!” The girl put a single foot on the skateboard. A feeling of dread shot up through her leg and up her spine. Bio Musume’s face paled, and her hands trembled. This skateboard…she thought, it has a vile presence. It wants me dead…

Bio Musume stood there, one foot on the skateboard.

“Aw, are you chicken?!” Charles shouted.

Bio Musume twisted to face him. “I’ll have you know! I’m much too mature to be bothered by your poorly thought out insults, you butt!”

Bio Musume clenched her fists with grim determination, and pushed off with her other foot. The skateboard shot forward, and Bio Musume spun around in the air, falling on her back with her legs flailing in the air.

Charles kneeled over laughing at Bio Musume. The girl furiously stomped over to Charles. She glowered over him and pointed at the skateboard, which was rolling around as though it were enjoying her angry fit. “You! You tried to kill me!” she shouted. “With that death machine!”

Charles smirked. “Awww, are you saying you can’t ride it?” Charles hopped and the skateboard and circled around Bio Musume.

“Of course I can!” Bio Musume said. She pushed the boy off, and put her foot on the skateboard again. The similar feeling of dread returned. This time, a voice spoke to her in her mind.

Get your foot off me girl, only that boy can ride me. I know you can hear me.

Oh? Bio Musume asked. A skateboard spirit are you? You know, by threatening me, you revealed your presence. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I eat souls like you as a snack. And if you don’t obey me, I’ll cast you back into the Earth.

“Hey Charles, like this?” Bio Musume asked.

“Huh?” Charles turned towards Bio Musume. “Ye-huh?! Whoah how are you doing that?!”

Bio Musume skateboarded upside down in the air. “This is easy.”


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