The Witching Hour

I’m posting this post at midnight right now. Or writing, I’ll probably finish five minutes past midnight.

There’s this annoying witch flying around me and cackling at me. It’ll probably take me ten minutes to finish at this rate. Throwing water at her doesn’t work.

You know, I’ve always thought of witches as old hags with long, crooked noses and green skin. Or maybe sometimes as elegant women with proper fashion. Or little girls delivering on broomsticks. Or extravagant ladies with a penchant for killing. I keep them all in mind, to keep my mind open. So I don’t ever discriminate should I actually see a witch in real life.

But this witch’s yellow and green striped skin is extremely jarring. I mean, I can’t focus on anything else besides her striped skin. It’s just really obnoxious and she probably chose that skin color on purpose to bother me.

I’ve also always assumed witches were female. And I’m right in that regard, thank goodness. She could have messed with me more by not revealing her gender.

Sometimes she whispers things at me. I can’t ever tell what she’s really saying, but it’s really annoying and distracting. Stuff like, “I don’t actually exist. I’m your hallucination and you really need some sleep. Also my broomstick is made of he banana peels you threw away yesterday. Don’t be so wasteful, learn to recycle like me.”

What’s strange is, I didn’t eat any bananas yesterday. How could I throw out peels if I didn’t have the fruit? This witch speaks nonsense.

Oh great, she just invited some friends over. Looks like two more witches, a werewolf, and a vampire. The witches look like they’re having a good time, but the other two look as though they don’t want to be hear. I can sympathize with them. That is, if the vampire didn’t have purple polka dots all over his orange skin. I feel like the witches put him up to it.

The werewolf is smoking now. I will have to ask him to leave, I do not approve of cigarettes, especially not in my house. In fact, I will ask them all to leave. Except the second witch, she can stay.


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