Adventures of Bio Musume 4

Previous ones available here… -Obachuka

“I-I have to admit, that’s somewhat cool,” Charles stammered. “But can you hit, uh, that pole over there with a rock?!” He pointed at a street light about twenty feet away.

“Fufufu, oh but of course,” Bio Musume said nonchalantly. She picked up a rock and tossed it up and down a few times. With a sudden burst of energy, she gripped the stone and hurled it like a baseball at the street pole.

“Ha! You missed!” Charles exclaimed.

Clang! The faint sound of metal being struck wafted from somewhere afar. The third street light from the target street light groaned and creaked, then fell over, collapsing with a great crush.

Bio Musume faced Charles, who turned white in the face. “Ha! How do you like that? I can hit anything!”


Flaerice sighed. “I leave you for one moment, and the next moment I’m bailing you out of jail.”

Bio Musume grasped the iron bars. “He put me up to it! It’s not my fault! I’m not made to fit in a cell like a jailed bird, I’ll explode! I’m too beautiful to be a criminaaaal…You have to get me out!”

“Don’t you worry about that Miss!” Sarah approached the cell, followed by a large man and a police officer. “My daddy will bail you out.”

“Apparently, Sarah’s family is really rich,” Flaerice explained. “Apparently, a type of paper currency govern this world.”

Bio Musume eyed the man. He wore a rather uncomfortable looking business suit, which stretched over his gut. “So! I guess having a lot of paper makes you powerful, eh?” Bio Musume asked.

“Oh no no. Well er, yes I suppose. But I’m just paid the bail, nothing all that special,” Sarah’s father said.

“Oho? Well where I came from, the most powerful were the…most powerful!” Bio Musume said. “And believe me, I’m quite powerful.”

The police officer pulled out a ring of keys, and they jingled as he unlocked the door. The jail bars slid back with a heavy woosh.

Bio Musume stretched her arms and cartwheeled around. “Freedom! I must have been in there for days before you guys finally left me out. Do you know how uncomfortable it is in there?!”

Flaerice sighed. “Ms…Highness, you were only there for a couple of minutes. Anyways, you should thank Mr. Vensburg, he paid quite a hefty sum. Or so I heard, I don’t know how the system works actually.”

Mr. Vensburg bowed, and Sarah bowed as well, imitating her father. “My little girl requested it, so of course I had to comply.”

“We have to repay you though!” Flaerice said. “Don’t you think so Bio Musume?”

“Wha? But I- actually yes. I am a honorable person, and I will repay you Mr. Vensburg,” Bio Musume said. She rolled up her sleeves. “What magical demon do you want me to summon for you?”

Mr. Vensburg waved his hands hurriedly. “No no, that would be unnecessary. Although, I could use a hand around the house. How would you like to be a servant?”

“Servant? I refuse to be anyone’s servant!” Bio Musume said.

Flaerice interrupted. “Yes, that would be nice. Thank you for your kindness Mr. Vensburg.”

“Great! Then it’s settled!” Mr. Vensburg smiled. Sarah laughed, happy that Flaerice would be staying with her. Bio Musume sighed.


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