Rhythmic Farmhouse

A giant cloud shaped like a cylinder hung in the sky. Ammy, a freak of nature with four white wings growing out of her back like in some kind of fantasy, took a small hop and lifted herself into the air. She beat her wings, making her way to the giant cloud. She hit the surface of the cloud, and the water droplets immediately soaked her white dress. The shrieking winds stabbed at her skin like icy daggers, and the further she went in, the darker and colder the cloud became. Ammy shivered. She wished she put on a jacket before coming here.

Suddenly, she burst through the dense cloud surface into the center of the cylindrical cloud. The winds calmed down and light returned. The volume of the clouds here was a lot less dense, and felt more like a fine mist. Ammy peered through fog, and saw a red house in the distance. A farmhouse, bobbing up and down to a certain rhythm. The windows glowed with flashing lights.

Ammy glided down to the farmhouse and landed in front of the door. The faint sound of music escaped through the door. She took a few steps forward, her dress dripping water on the porch, and she rang the doorbell. Ding ding ding. Ammy rung the water from her light beige hair, and covered her body with her large wings for warmth. After a few moments, a teenage girl with strange dress sens opened the door. The sound of music blasted out.

“Oh hi there Ammy! Glad you could make it,” the girl said.

Ammy smiled and nodded.

“Gosh you’re all wet. Come inside and dry yourself up!”

Ammy stepped inside. Different colours of lights flashed everywhere, and the house was crowded with adolescents. Ammy dodged through the crowd to the bathroom. She wasn’t fond of crowds.

Ammy found a hair dryer, and she began drying off her dress and wings. The dryer buzzed as the hot air ruffled her feathers. Someone knocked on the door. It was the girl from before.

“Hey Ammy, we’re going to start a movie in the basement if you’re interested,” the girl said, then left.

Ammy opened the door and looked around the house. It was significantly less crowded, but there were still a lot of people. She turned around and walked up a flight of stairs. She’d been here before and knew where the rooms were.

Ammy entered the girl’s father’s room, who wasn’ home. There was a single bed, surrounded by an army of drawers. Ammy began rapidly but quietly opening the drawers. She suspected the father. The drawers contained many important documents, but not the one she wanted.

She came across a locked drawer. Her heart thumped; this was the one. She whispered a few words to the keyhole, and the drawer opened with a low thud. A small, translucent blue sphere sat on the bottom on top of a pile of papers. Ammy grabbed the documents and the blue sphere, and stuffed them into her dress.

“Ammy? Are you here?” a voice called out.

Ammy twitched, and her wings instinctively flapped open. Ammy’s arms shot forward, and clumsily pushed the drawer closed. She stood up and pelted towards the window, her eyes opened in fear.

The sound of footsteps approached slowly.

Ammy opened the window with her sweating hands, leapt out, and opened her shaking wings.


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