Lo’ and Behold…

“Air! I pulled it out from behind my ear. Shocking isn’t it? But where is air now? Aha! It’s in my other hand! Now it’s in your lungs!”

“For my next trick I will take this coin…and…gone! It’s gone! Can anyone guess where it went? No? Well feast on your eyes on this…”

I held out a similar coin in my hand.

“That’s right folks! You better believe it. I hid my coin…inside another coin!”

Actually it was the same coin.

“May I have a volunteer for my next trick?”

A very eager young man jumped onto stage.

“Sir, I will make you…fly!”

I picked up the man and threw him off the stage. He didn’t seem pleased.

“Now, ladies and gentlemen. I will be pulling a rabbit, out of a hat! Out of a hat, shaped like a rabbit cage. The shape is purely coincidental; it was the last hat they had at the hat shop.”

I reached into the rabbit cage covered in black felt, and pulled out a white rabbit.

“How about a card trick folks? You there? Pick a card, any card! Don’t show it to me. Now, is it, by any chance the four of clubs? Aha, knew it! Anyone else want a try? Yes, pick any card. All right. Let me use my psychic…is it the four of clubs? Yes? Awesome. All righty, last volunteer! Pick a card. Uh…you’re mind is a hard one to read. I’m going to have to guess…four of clubs. Thank you! Thank you very much!”

I put away my deck of four of clubs.

“Thank you! Last one, this will be a doozy! Okay. Harumph!”

I threw a bowling ball into the crowd, which was followed by shouts of surprise.

“Ta-da! I didn’t hurt any of you! I would like to say I’d be here all week, but I need to go back home today.”

I chanted a spell and opened up a transdimensional portal to my home planet.


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