Griffin Naruhodo Part 1

Broken glass shards lay on the soft snow. The window to the left of the front door to the bank was completely shattered. I was here due to the alarm, which alerted me five minutes ago at 1:25 AM that this bank was broken into.

“Men, investigate the area, and see if you can find any clues,” I told the five police officers I commanded. I used to be a police officer myself, and due to my outstanding performance, I was promoted to a detective in charge of these officers a few months ago. I’m new at this job though, and while I may have been a good cop, I was far from an adequate detective. I felt nervous. My Division Captain told me he assigned me a partner, who was also new at this but extremely talented. I hoped he got here soon. I followed my men into the empty bank.

It was rather small for a bank, completely dark and lonely. My men examined the bank, looking for clues. They wore blue uniforms, a symbol of the Republic of Modern Safety, the police company I worked for. One of my officers motioned towards me from behind a desk.

“Sir!” one of my officers reported. “We found a security camera, and captured events that took place here at 1:00 AM. Older videos from prior to 12:00 AM yesterday seems to have been deleted, possibly due to this security system’s low memory storage.”

“Good job officer, let’s play it back,” I said. I walked to the officer, and stared down at the monitor in the desk. In the video, two shadowy figures carrying large bags walked across the bank, and exited. They were walking with their arms around each other, and held the bags in their free hands. The way the two figures walked signified the bags were heavy, and I assumed them to be full of money. I mean, it was a bank robbery after all, they wouldn’t be carrying tacos or something. The view of the two people became unclear now that they were outside the bank, but they appeared to have entered a van outside and drove away.

A sudden voice called out, “That’s a pretty fuzzy video. You’d think security would consider upgrading their cameras to high definition.”

I looked up to see a tall young man, probably in his early twenties, with a pale complexion and strikingly dark, black hair. “And I assume you are Mr. Griffin Naruhodo?”

“That I am,” Griffin Naruhodo bowed, and showed his police badge. I reciprocated his action and revealed my badge. “So you are Nair Adrians Tour? Strange name.”

“I could say the same for you, if not more so. You’re quite young for an assistant detective,” I remarked.

“I hope you will not be disappointed with my services. Now onto business, I recommend you send three men to search the surrounding area for suspicious folks, in case the thieves are still in the area.” I nodded at three officers, and they left the bank.

Read part 2 here -Obachuka


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