Griffin Naruhodo Part 2

Read part 1 of Griffin Naruhodo here -Obachuka

“Nair, did you notice anything strange about that security video?” Griffin asked.

I looked back at the monitor. “That I did. The window isn’t broken in the video. But it clearly is now.” I gestured at the shattered window.

“A simple reason for that. This bank is cheap,” Griffin held up a few documents in his hands. “I did a little research on this bank. Says here that just yesterday, the vault was cleaned, drawers were replaced, and the windows were changed. A High Government Regulator deemed that this bank needed to match the updated requirements for a safe building, and the owner found the cheapest workers to update his building. As you can see, they did a shoddy job replacing the windows. They must have broken on their own due to their poor installation.”

I looked at Griffin with a disbelieving face. “So the window breaking was just a fluke then? How did the robbers get in then?”

Griffin shrugged. “Through the door I guess. I checked the door. There are no signs of any lock picking attempts, but they were clearly unlocked. There is snow in front of the door however, and since the door is an outward opening door, it must have been opened before 1:00 AM.”

I nodded. What my partner said made sense. It started snowing at around 1:00 AM and ended a few minutes ago at 1:30 AM.

“Hmm, so if the window didn’t randomly break, we wouldn’t be here until much later huh?” I wondered to myself.

My partner shook his head. “We received a call at 1:30 AM by some rather incoherent man. He took a long time to explain, but if the alarm didn’t ring a few moments later, we would have been here anyways due to this man’s call.”

“So we have a witness then?” I asked.

“That we do. He’s waiting outside to testify.”

I marveled at my partner’s speed and competence. I had a feeling he would be much better than me at my job. I shrugged and asked one of my officers to summon the witness.

The officer returned with a fierce looking man. His face bore many wrinkles on his aging face, but also bore an angry expression. His wild, white hair reminded me of what mad scientists look like in old sci-fi horror films. He wore around four layers of heavy, brown, weather-beaten coats on this thin frame.

“What are you lazy cops doing here?! You should be chasing after them crooks! I saw them head off towards Ryan Street!” the angry man shouted, split flying from his large mouth.

“Sir, I assure you we are working to catch the culprits,” I said. I spoke into a phone issued to officers, and told my men to head towards Ryan Street. “Now if you could tell us your name, occupation, and what you saw…”

“Oh I’ll tell you what I saw!” the man screeched, his beady eyes darting everywhere.


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