Griffin Naruhodo Part 3

“Oh I’ll tell you what I saw!” the man screeched, his beady eyes darting everywhere. “As for my name, it’s Bob Hoover, and my occupation is none of your business. Anyways, it was dark see? But I could still see them! Two men! Each were carrying a bag full o’ money, and they entered a white van and drove off. Towards Ryan Street! Now git after them!”

“Were you able to see their faces?” I asked.

“Wuh- no of course not! It was dark! They were wearing masks,” Bob said defensively.

“Did you notice anything with the way they walked?” Griffin interrupted.

“Erk!” a surprised expression appeared on Bob’s face. “Now that you mention it, yeah one o’ them walked with a real big limp.”

I recalled the security video with those words. I had thought that the two people were walking strangely due to the weight of the bags, but maybe there was another reason.

“Also, the crime occurred at 1:00 AM,” Griffin continued. “You didn’t call until 1:30, why’s that?”

“Ah!” Bob exclaimed. He smiled a large smile, and revealed his yellow and incomplete set of teeth. “Well er, the thing is…I don’t have a cell phone. Don’t got the money either for a pay phone. So I went searching around for twenty minutes to find both a dollar, and a public phone. I may not have been fast, but least I did my duties.”

“That you did,” Griffin acknowledged. “But that means that thirty minutes are unaccounted for, from the time the crime took place until you phoned. Where were you when you saw these two thieves?”

Bob scowled. “Don’t make me out to be a suspect! Well I’ll tell you right now, I did nothing wrong. I saw them from the other side of the street, opposite of the bank. It was dark, and I hid behind a bench.”

“I assure you I’m accusing you of no crime. Yet. If you would please wait here until the case is solved,” Griffin said with a commanding air.

“Until the case is solved?! Why, that’ll be too long to be waiting here!” Bob exclaimed.

Griffin bowed, “Don’t worry good sir. I’ll have this case solved before sunrise.” Bob grunted a sound of disbelief, and even I must admit I was shocked at my partner’s confidence.

Suddenly, I heard the sloshing of ice, as a man trudged through the snow towards as with a hurried pace. The man was a short one, with a gaudy, purple business suit and purple tie to match. He had a pompous atmosphere about him, the type that made me think, oh this guy is most likely rich. He wiped the sweat off his forehead, and stood before us panting.

“I…I came here… as fast as I could when I heard… that my banked had been robbed!” the man exclaimed. I figured this man must be the owner of this bank.

“Ah, so you must be Yee Mone,” Griffin said.

“O-of course! I am Yee…Mone, the owner of this here…bank,” Yee said, with his hands on this knees trying to catch his breath.

I asked Yee, “Mr. Mone, would you mind me asking a few questions?”

Yee waved me away with his trembling hand. “Afraid not sonny, I don’t know jack about what happened. I need to get inside my beautiful bank and find out what they stole!”

“All right Mr. Mone,” Griffin acknowledged. “We’ll be back to ask you questions later. Meanwhile, we have somewhere else to go.”

As though waiting for those words, my police phone crackled. “Sir! You should come here to Ryan Street immediately! We found something!”


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