Griffin Naruhodo Part 4

This is part 4, read part 3 here -Obachuka

“Sir! You should come over here immediately! We found something!”

I responded back, and told my officers here at the bank to watch over Yee and Bob. I entered my car in the driver’s seat, and Griffin took a seat to the right of me.

“Well, maybe this boring robbery might turn into something interesting, eh Nair?” Griffin asked.

I started my car, and drove towards Ryan Street. “Honestly, I prefer boring, simple crimes. I personally hope whatever they found were the culprits, but by their astonished voices, it’s probably not going to be this easy.”

My partner chuckled, and then remained silent the rest of the way. His brow scrunched up in thought as he peered out at the night sky. I had a few thoughts about the case as well, and a feeling of dread about what I would find when we arrived. However, I mostly thought about Griffin Naruhodo. I heard he registered for the Republic of Modern Safety just a few weeks ago. How is it that his skill far surpasses his short experience?

We arrived at Ryan Street in ten minutes. There was a small park nearby, a small seesaw, a set of swings, a monkey bar, and a few slides. A group of police officers huddled around something. Three cops wore blue uniforms—my officers from the RMS. The rest wore red uniforms, symbols of the Revolutionary Upholders of Peace, a rival police company to the RMS.

“Yo! What are you Republics doing here?!” a large man roared. His light hair spiked upwards, his eyes were angled in an angry manner, and his mouth scowled in a way to show off his pointy teeth. I recognized him immediately, Leo Ferosh, famous in my country for his ability to solve any case no matter how convoluted they were, and worked for the RUP. The best way to describe him was ferocious, because he never let a case go until he solved it his own way.

Leo pushed his large, dark finger against my chest. “Listen here greenhorn. I don’t want you and your incompetent cronies interfering with my investigation.” To be honest, I felt somewhat intimidated, but I was distracted by what all the police officers were hovering around. It was the white van from the security video.

“Oh I’m sorry, Leo,” Griffin said smugly. “I wasn’t aware you wasted your time with petty robbery cases.”

“Ha! Robbery case?! Don’t make me laugh!” Leo leaned in close towards Griffin’s face. “I deal with murders, kid. Now scram.”

Griffin shook his head nonchalantly and threw his hands up in the air. “Oh, you mean you didn’t know? Typical of you Revolutionary Upholders of Peace,” Griffin scoffed. “This murder case is most definitely connected to a bank robbery. Now I suggest you scram, Leo, this is out of your league.”

Leo’s face flushed with rage. “ROAH! You must be joking! Who do you think you are?! I have half the mind to send you crying home in a wheelchair!” Leo’s men rushed to his side, and shouted insults at Griffin, backing up their leader.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, but who you are, Leonard,” Griffin responded. “Speaking of wheelchairs, do you remember October 23rd, 2023? My names Griffin by the way, and this is Nair.”

“How dare you speak ill of Leo!” one of Leo’s officers shouted. “Show him who’s the boss, boss! Boss?” Leo’s men turned to look at Leo, and were met by surprise. Leo’s face drained to a pale color, and stared at Griffin in surprise.

“Back off guys. Let them examine the scene, they won’t find anything of importance anyways,” Leo said.


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