Griffin Naruhodo Part 5

Part 4 here -Obachuka

“Back off guys. Let them examine the scene, they won’t find anything of importance anyways,” Leo said. Leo’s men gaped at Griffin in amazement, as did I. I’ve never heard of Leo backing down.

Griffin turned to me and smiled. “Let’s examine that car, show we?” I nodded slowly, then gathered my composure.

I quickly lost my composure again. The corpse of one of the thieves sat in the cockpit, still strapped in by the seatbelt. Now that I could see one of the culprits without the terrible resolution of the security camera, I realized the thief was a woman. There was a bullet hole in her temple, and thick-looking blood spewed out and dribbled down at a surprisingly slow pace. An assortment of trinkets littered the ground: watches, five hundred dollar bills, a large stone, several playing cards, specks of blood, and cigarettes. Only banks hold five hundred dollar bills, so they were probably stolen not too long ago. A giant crack streaked across the windshield, the left side view mirror was gone, and another bullet hole resided in the passenger window. The driver window was opened all the way.

“Nothing in the back of the van,” Griffin called out. “Hey Leo. You have witnesses, right? Two in fact. May I talk to them?”

“Grrk,” Leo muttered. “How did you know?”

Griffin shrugged. “The footprints in the snow don’t match up with the number of people. And they’re pretty fresh too. Kind of obvious.”

Leo gritted his teeth. “Hmph. Bring in the witness and the suspect.”

I looked up. “Suspect? You already have a suspect?”

“Course I’ve got one!” Leo snapped. “I would have finished this case up soon too, if you guys didn’t interfere.”

Two red suited officers brought forth two people. One fellow in handcuffs had a nervous, twitchy look about him. “I-I’m not guilty! I didn’t kill anyone!” he shouted. I felt sorry for the poor man, but I couldn’t help but feel suspicious towards people who so adamantly claimed they were innocent. I’ve learned that some criminals can be great actors.

The other person held a camera, and constantly snapped photos at everyone. “Ha! Yeah right, I’ve caught you on film!” the woman said.

Griffin walked up to the twitchy man, and said, “So! You’re the suspect huh? Tell me your name and story.”

The man scrunched away, and shouted in a feeble voice. “I didn’t kill her! I’m Lang Walker, I-I just saw the car drive by, that’s all!”

“And when was this?” Griffin asked.

“Um, ummm…I’d say around 1:30AM. Ah!” Lang twitched his handcuffed hands towards his face. “Don’t hurt me!”

“And why would I do that?”

“Um, no reason I guess. Sorry, I’m jumpy. Ah! Don’t hurt me!”

Leo sighed and whipped out a photograph. “Now listen here, kid. That photographer over there, Evvy Dents, took a picture of the whole thing. This case was over before it started.”


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