Griffin Naruhodo Part 6

Read part 5 here! ~Obachuka

Leo sighed and whipped out a photograph. He twirled the picture in his hand, then held it up high for us all to see. “Now listen here, kid. That photographer over there, Evvy Dents, took a picture of the whole thing. This case was over before it started.”

“Interesting, may I see said picture?” Griffin asked. He snatched the picture, and I peered over his shoulder. It was a dark and poorly lit picture, but there could be no doubt about it. In the picture, Lang stood next to a speeding car on the passenger side, pointing something at a lone driver. The passenger window had a bullet hole, and the driver slumped over the wheel.

“Do you like the picture?” the photographer Evvy asked. “It’s my life to hunt down the next headlines of tomorrow!”

Griffin shook his head. “Unfortunately, there is a problem with this picture. Perhaps not the picture taking itself, but the contents.”

“Huh?! What do you mean problem?!” Evvy’s eyes glowed with hatred. I suppose she must be proud of her work.

“In this photo, the passenger door is closed, of course. Nair, would you mind closing that door for me?” Griffin asked. I approached the door with the bullet hole, and closed it.

“Ah!” Leo exclaimed, and did a double take.

“I see Leo here sees the problem,” Griffin continued. “It’s not that hard. The angle of the bullet hole in the victim’s head doesn’t match with the angle of the bullet hole of the door. That is, when it’s closed. When it’s opened, you’ll see the angle matches perfectly.” I looked at the two bullet holes, and realized Griffin was right. The entry and exit point of the bullet on the victim’s head did match with the window. I opened the door again. Perfect match. But why?

“Naturally, this means Mr. Walker couldn’t have shot the victim in this picture,” Griffin said.

“D-does that mean, I can go free?!” Lang asked.

“Not quite. What were you and Ms. Evvy Dents doing out here this late at night?” Griffin asked.

“I live nearby here, and when I heard a gunshot, I rushed over as fast as I could!” Evvy Dents exclaimed excitedly.

Griffin pointed his finger at Evvy. “Running towards the source is not a common response to a gunshot. Did you even call the police?”

“Erm, about that…I forgot too…but that’s because I’m a reporter! I flock to scenes of commotions!” Evvy said.

“Forget?!” I asked. “How could you forget to call the police?” I don’t know what Griffin or Leo thought, but that seemed suspicious to me.

“I have to agree. A strange thing to forget,” Griffin said. Evvy hung her head in embarrassment  “And Lang. What were you doing?”

“A walk.”

We all gaped at Lang. A walk? In the middle of the night? Near a murder scene?

“I-I can see why you think I’m suspicious…”

“I have to ask, why are you pointing in this picture?” Griffin asked.

“Oh! Oh that’s, oh, that’s um, easy. Wouldn’t you be s-surprised too? If you saw a dead person driving a car?” Lang responded.

“Ridiculous!” Leo roared. “How could a dead person drive a car?!”


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