I’m in Canada!

The moose stood on its hind legs, and stared at me from behind its sunglasses. I think it’s a him.

We were in a cave, and I was tied to a chair.

The moose took a puff from his cigarette and breathed the disgusting smoke into my face. “So, are you gonna talk or what?”

I ignored him and kept my lips sealed.

“A quiet one aren’t you?” the moose said. He took his cigarette and put its burning, hot side into my skin. It kind of didn’t hurt at all.

“What kind of cigarette is that, it’s barely hot, noob,” I taunted.

The moose adjusted his sunglasses and crossed his hooves. “It’s environmentally friendly. Now tell me where you hid the plans!”

“Ha!” I laughed triumphantly. “I already gave them to you. In the form of that cigarette! Now that it’s burnt, you’ll never thwart us!”

“What. I bought this at a local store,” the moose said.

“Oh. My bad. I think I left it at the airport.”


Feel free to reply. But I won't read cuz I'm shy. Unless it's haiku.

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