Stop staring at me! I’m sensitive to people staring at me you know, I have allergies.

Great, now I have rashes all over my skin. I hope you feel good about yourself, knowing you caused an innocent person great suffering.

Stop lecturing me, I know I shouldn’t scratch, but I just I can’t resist. So itchy. Just to let you know, I’m allergic to lectures too.

Great, now my eyes are all puffy. I can still see you though, laughing at me. Laugh all you want, because I’m allergic to that too.

A side effect of my laughter allergies is a burning sensation in my throat. But that’s a side effect because the symptoms I get from laughing allergies is fire breath.

Yeah, do you regret staring at me now? I bet you’re allergic to fire.


One thought on “Allergies

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