Griffin Naruhodo Part 8

Read part 7 here ~Obachuka

It didn’t take us long to return to the bank. Along the way, I asked Griffin Naruhodo some questions.

“So we’re dealing with the smuggling ring now, huh?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess so. I’d wager her killer was of the mafia. Those two groups have been going at it for a long while now.”

I sighed. “Looks like things got complicated after all.”

“Not necessarily true. I’d say our case is coming to a close soon.”

I looked at Griffin in surprise. His face remained cool and confident, despite all the strange events today. He looked back at me.

“Hey. Nair. Eyes on the road,” he remarked.

“Oh, oh right,” and I swerved the car, preventing another death tonight. I felt like such a hero.

We got out of the car at the bank, to see the banker, Yee, running towards us. “Have you caught the culprit yet?!” he cried.

“No, not yet,” I responded. “But apparently, Griffin here claims to be close.”

“Well? Who was it? Did you recover the money? They stole around twenty thousand, mind you. Twenty thousand!” Yee demanded.

“Only twenty thousand?” Griffin asked. “Couldn’t they have taken a lot more? Well anyways, before I tell you who my suspect is, may I ask you a few questions?”

“But of course!” Yee cried. “I would love to help you capture the crooks anyway I can.”

“Where were you when the robbery occurred?” Griffin asked.

“I was at my favorite bar, a few blocks away.”

“A bar? Well anyways, you ran here from quite a distance then, didn’t you?”

“That I did. I ran here as fast as I could when I heard about a robbery. Exhausted me out, it did.”

“Couldn’t you have used a car?”

“Don’t got one.”

“Is that right. I have a request, may we see your vault?”

Yee squinted at Griffin and I. “My vault? What does that have to do with anything?” I shrugged at Yee. I had no clue. My partner’s thinking was beyond me.

“You’ll see soon enough,” Griffin said. Yee went to the back of the bank, and worked to unlock the giant, metal door bolted with several large locks. Meanwhile, Yee rummaged through the bank, searching for clues.

The door banged open, and the the sound of multiple men entered the room. I turned to face them.

“All right! Listen up children, I’m here to do a finger print analysis on all of you!” Leo shouted, his hulking figure looming in the doorway. In his hand, he held up a gun, which I recognized to be a .45 caliber handgun. A very powerful gun for something so small.

Griffin faced Leo and asked, “You found fingerprints on the gun?”

Leo placed his hands on his hip and thrust his chest outwards. “’Course I did, but unfortunately, they didn’t match with any previously registered fingerprints.”

No match? That’s strange. I piped up, “Everyone these days are registered in the fingerprint database. Only an unregistered person such as a homeless…ah!”

We all turned to Bob Hoover, who had his back in the corner of the bank. Perspiration decorated his face. “Why’s everyone looking at me?”


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