Griffin Naruhodo Part 9

Part 8 here ~Obacuka

We all turned to Bob Hoover, who had his back in the corner of the bank. Perspiration decorated his face. “Why’s everyone looking at me?”

At that moment, Yee returned from the vault. “All righty, I opened up the vault. What’s going on here?”

“We’ll all find out together, won’t we, Bob?” Griffin said menancingly, and stepped towards Bob.

“I didn’t do nothing!” He cried.

“Then you wouldn’t object to a fingerprint test?” Griffin asked.

“Of course not!”

At this, Leo and his men snatched up Bob, and placed a kind of tape on his fingers. After a while, Leo faced us with a gloating smile and said triumphantly, “He matches.”

I stared at Bob. That old geezer was the murderer?

Griffin spoke up, “Bob. Thirty minutes passed from the robbery until you called the police. I believe your hiding something from us. Care to explain?”

Bob gaped at us with an open, gross mouth. He’s obviously never brushed his teeth before. His gaze darted from face to face at the people who surrounded him. Then his gaze lingered on Griffin.

“I don’t know nothing! Honest! I just saw two men-”

“Actually Bob, they were two women,” Griffin interrupted. I blinked. When did he deduce that? Nothing suggested that the robbers were two women.

Bob seemed to think the same thing. “You can’t trick me! I know there was a man! I heard his voice!”

There was a moment of silence in the room. I silently admired Griffin’s trickery.

“So Bob, you heard this man’s voice. What did he say?” Griffin continued.

Bob fiddled with his multitudes of coat collars, and licked his lips. He seemed to be drowning in his own sweat. “I er…I just heard him grunt. Nothing else.”

“Ha! Like I’ll believe that!” Leo shouted. “Arrest him, boys.”

“Now just a moment Leo, I still have some questions for him,” Griffin said. “Now here’s what I think. You were actually quite up close to the two thieves. You could see one was a woman, which isn’t that hard when you’re up close. The man saw you, and knocked you out.”

Bob’s face lit up. “Yeah yeah! I was knocked out!”

“Are you kidding me?!” Leo roared. “That’s too convenient of an excuse. He’s the culprit I tell you.”

“I have to agree with Leo, I don’t believe this man’s words are reliable,” I spoke up. “That, and the fingerprints on the gun are extremely incriminating.”

Griffin frowned and thought to himself. “Yes, the gun is incriminating. But I’ll explain myself later, after we examine this vault. Do a fingerprint analysis on the inside.”

I motioned towards my men, and they entered the vault with their fingerprinting powder. I have to be honest, I don’t think that’s what it’s actually called, but I was never one for remembering chemical names. So fingerprinting powder it is.

Leo grunted. “Men, do the analysis. These RMS chumps are too slow.” The red suited officers pushed my men away, and took their spots in the investigation. I felt like I should have stood up for my men, but Leo was right. My men were ridiculously slow compared to the RUP officers.


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