Griffin Naruhodo Part 10

Part 9 here ~Obachuka

“Sir!” the officers reported. “There are fingerprints of Trid Por! No one else.” I nodded. Makes sense that the thief’s fingerprints be in the vault.

Griffin shook his head. “That doesn’t make sense.”

Leo laughed. “Well why the bloody hell not?! Stumped are you, blasted rookie?”

Griffin crossed his arms. “Interesting word choice; I’m sure you’re not British. But that aside, why is one of the thief’s fingerprints in the vault, but not her accomplice?”

“He was wearing gloves?” I suggested.

“That’s what I think as well,” Griffin said. I felt proud Griffin approved of my idea. “But that’s obvious.” My pride deflated for some strange reason.

“We have to ask, why wasn’t Trid wearing gloves as well? Wouldn’t they both be prepared together, if they were accomplices?” Griffin asked. That stumped me. Why wasn’t wearing Trid wearing gloves if her partner was? Gloves are easy to come by, after all.

“You know what I found at the murder scene?” Griffin said.

“There was a murder?!” both Yee and Bob exclaimed.

Griffin ignored the two of them. “I found duct tape on Trid’s sleeve,” he said, and held up a gray strand of tape. “I found matching tape in a desk drawer, here at this bank.” Griffin held up a gray roll of tape in the other hand.

Leo laughed, “So? Boy, you better start some real investigation.”

Griffin shrugged, and walked towards the vault. “Then I will.” He slid a finger down the wall of the vault, then held out his finger towards a blue suited officer. His finger was covered in a gray soot. “Have this analyzed officer.”

After a few moments of toying with instruments, the cop responded, “It’s a poisonous gas, sir. After a few minutes, this gas turns inactive and forms a thin layer of chemicals on surfaces. It takes on a dark, ‘soot’ appearance and apparently tastes like caramel.”

“I don’t know how that last fact was discovered, but there you have it,” Griffin said. A chilly wind blew through the broken window and I shivered. Griffin paced the bank, his dark black hair blowing in the wind. In one quick motion, Griffin tensed his arm, spun around, and pointed a finger straight at Yee Mone.

“Mr. Mone! I am officially accusing you!” he shouted. The chilly wind returned, and we all stood, rooted to our spots.


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