Halt! Who Goes There?

A little man with thick, square glasses and freckles on his face, climbed up onto a boulder in the sweltering heat of the sun. He pulled himself up, and patted his pants clean of dirt, straightened his striped tie, and dusted his curly, red hair. He heaved himself forward, gasping for breath, up to the base of the giant Mt. Teevisk.

A lone soldier in medieval armor guarded an even lonelier hole, the only entrance to the Cave of Dungeons of the Mt. Teevisk. The soldier clanked his iron boots together, and threw out his open hand. “Halt! Who goes there? Only the Chosen One may pass.”

The man adjusted his thick glasses, and stared through them at the soldier with his beady, gray eyes. “Why, I am the Chosen One!” He pulled out his brown wallet, and after fumbling through a large number of receipts, he pulled out an ID.

“Medan Bean,” the card read. “The trusted Rebellion member under the employment of the great Varsnarple. Occupation: The Chosen One. Height: 5′ 3″, Weight: 147 lbs, Age: 43, Eye Color: Gray.” On the ID was a picture of the man in glasses, who wasn’t too photogenic, and blinked in the picture.

“You may pass!” the soldier said. He lowered his spear across the exit. Not exactly Medan’s idea of  “you may pass.”

“If! That is, if you do…this fetch quest for me!” the soldier said. “I’m feeling really hungry so get me a-”

Medan sighed. Not another fetch quest. He reached into his pocket, and pulled out a pocket. From that, he pulled out a ordinary sandwich. For bread slices, it had sourdough, the best kind of bread, and had basic ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, and secret sauce which is actually just ketchup.

“Is…is that a…super deluxe HD sandwich?” the soldier asked, his eyes glowing with joy.

“Yes let me pass and I’ll give it to you,” Medan said.

“You truly are the Chosen One! Even more chosen than the other ones!” the soldier said, and withdrew his spear. He nabbed the sandwich and chomped down, dripping ketchup all over his newly cleaned armor.

Medan shook his head and wandered into the Cave of Dungeons and saved the world and stuff.


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